The United Kingdom

a young boy in front of a black board in class
A South Sudanese boy smiles as he shows what he has learned at a primary school in Jewi refugee camp, Ethiopia.
© UNHCR/Eduardo Soteras Jalil
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The United Kingdom is a long-standing partner to UNHCR and a top donor of unearmarked funding, giving UNHCR flexibility to respond to sudden emergencies, and supports protracted situations.

With a deep-rooted history of support, the UK has stood alongside UNHCR since 1951, serving on its Advisory Committee and a founding member of its Executive Committee since 1959.

The United Kingdom remains among UNHCR’s largest contributors of unearmarked funding – a critical resource as we face record numbers of displacement. This flexible funding enables immediate response to emergency crises and helps fill the gaps in underfunded areas.

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The UK is committed to strengthening people’s ability to recover from crises, and to protect and prioritise the most vulnerable people when crises occur, including from gender-based violence to clean water, shelter, healthcare, education as well as access to legal services and other life-saving assistance.

As a strategic partner to UNHCR, the UK supports UNHCR in placing protection at the forefront of all humanitarian efforts. It is a strong advocate for vulnerable groups of people, and, to this end, it works closely with UNHCR to safeguard women, girls and people with disabilities who could be at further risk of gender-based violence or sexual exploitation and abuse.

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