Akol (in pink outfit) holds the baby while she and her family wait at the UNHCR transit centre at the Joda border point, Renk, South Sudan. Akol’s family are among some 20,000 refugees, mainly South Sudanese returnees, who have crossed the border after fleeing the violence in Sudan. © UNHCR/Charlotte Hallqvist
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This section describes the outlook for situations of forced displacement and statelessness that have arisen from conflicts or emergencies around the world.

These situations typically involve diverse needs and are often protracted, with people seeking asylum in multiple neighbouring countries as well as within the borders of their own country.

Akol (in pink outfit) holds the baby while she and her family wait at the UNHCR transit centre at the Joda border point, Renk, South Sudan. Akol’s family are among some 20,000 refugees, mainly South Sudanese returnees, who have crossed the border after fleeing the violence in Sudan. © UNHCR/Charlotte Hallqvist
Nisar, 40, father-of-six, a survivor of the Herat earthquake in Seyah Aab village, Zinda Jan district, who has received emergency assistance from UNHCR. © UNHCR/Faramarz Barzin


Afghanistan situation

With the crisis now in its fifth decade, the Afghanistan situation remains the largest in the Asia and Pacific region.

  • Over 24 million people are displaced inside Afghanistan.
  • There are 5.7 million Afghans and host
    communities in five neighboring countries who need support.
Widowed Sudanese refugee Fatma and her children sit near community shelters at the UNHCR-supported Korsi site, near Birao, Central African Republic. The family is among more than 1,200 Sudanese refugees who have settled at the newly established site after fleeing the conflict at home. © UNHCR/Josselin Brémaud


Central African Republic situation

A decade of insecurity and political instability in
CAR has displaced almost 1.3 million people within
and across borders.

  • 1 in 5 Central Africans is being displaced.
  • UNHCR supported the launch of the CAR
    Solution Support Platform
    on 31 October 2023.

A boy standing on the entrace of their makeshift house while with his mother watching through a window


Colombia situation

Colombia has one of the largest internally displaced populations in the world, standing at 6.8 million.

  • Colombia hosts the third largest population of refugees and others in need of international protection.
  • 2.5 million Venezuelans found refuge in the
Thousands of children, women, and men fled violent clashes occurring in Rutshuru territory in the North Kivu province of DRC, some 8 km from the Bunagana border crossing in Uganda’s Kisoro district.  © UNHCR/Yonna Tukundane


Democratic Republic of the Congo situation

The emergency in the DRC is one of the most complex humanitarian crises in the world.

  • Over 6.1 million people are displaced within the country.
  • 1 million of Congolese have been forced to seek asylum across Africa.
A group of students from Maskall Primary School in the classroom, listening to German, the school principal, lecture. This primary school hosts 187 students from 1st to 6th grade. Almost 50% of the students in this school are refugees or asylum-seekers, mainly from El Salvador. © UNHCR/Jeoffrey Guillemard


El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras situation

Growing numbers of people in Central America are being forced to leave their homes because of insecurity, human rights violations, poverty, and inequality.

  • Over 687,000 people are asylum-seekers and refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.
  • Refugee-led organizations and networks provide life-saving assistance.
A group of young Yazidis at the Rwanga camp for internally displaced people in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, hosting some 2,440 displaced families. © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell


Iraq situation

The country continues to face protracted humanitarian and development needs, a complex political environment, and a volatile security situation. 

  • About 1.14 million are internally displaced people and 5 million are IDP returnees.
  • There are 25 IDP camps hosting 175,000 people in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Zau Mun, 62, stands next to his shelter in an IDP camp in North-East Myanmar. He was able to find small jobs inside and outside of the camp to provide food for his family. © UNHCR/Dumhpau Hkunring


Myanmar situation

Conflict triggered by the military takeover has resulted in recurring, protracted and new displacement, and complicated the search for solutions.

  • Thousand fled the country and 1.95 million people are currently displaced within Myanmar.
  • Humanitarian access to potential areas of return could not be granted in 2024. 
Goussam Koko is a Nigerian refugee working in a collective vegetable garden in Sayam Forage camp, Niger. So far, 125 refugees, returned and host families have been trained and practice market gardening and fish farming activities.  © UNHCR/Colin Delfosse


Sahel situation

The central Sahel region is facing a severe humanitarian and protection crisis that has already driven millions of people from their homes.

  • The political, security and economic situation, is expected to deteriorate further in 2024.
  • More displaced people are likely beyond the reach of assistance, leading to further displacement.
Lushia has just arrived with her husband at the UNHCR transit centre, near the Joda border point in Renk, South Sudan. UNHCR buses take the most vulnerable new arrivals from the border to the center. They fled the civil war in South Sudan for Khartoum and were living there for eight years.  © UNHCR/Charlotte Hallqvist


South Sudan situation

This protracted situation is the largest refugee situation on the African continent.

  • Over 2.2 million refugees hosted in neighbouring countries live in often precarious conditions.
  • Over 41,000 South Sudanese fled to neighbouring countries in the first nine months of 2023.
Sudanese refugee Bediria constructs a temporary shelter for her family at the UNHCR transit centre in Renk, which is hosting thousands of refugees and returnees. She and her family fled Sudan after the conflict broke out. © UNHCR/Samuel Otieno


Sudan situation

In 2024, the Sudan situation is not expected to improve as the war rages on and more displacement is anticipated.

  • The conflict that broke out in Sudan in April 2023 had newly displaced almost 4.3 million people within Sudan by October.
  • Over 1.1 million people were driven into five neighbouring countries.
Isam sitting with his four children on a mattress in a room in his house which was partially damaged during the crisis in Syria.


Syria situation

The Syria crisis, currently in its 13th year, remains the largest displacement crisis in the world.

  • Over 12 million of Syrians are forcibly displaced in the region.
  • The February 2023 earthquakes further exacerbated the situation, affecting around 8.8 million people
Velyka Vilshanytsya is a small village approximately 45 km east of Lviv. On the early morning of 9th March 81 missiles were launched by Russian Federation targeting various locations in Ukraine. © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell


Ukraine situation

Millions of people will remain internally displaced in Ukraine in 2024, with 5.9 million refugees forecasted across the region.

  • More than 76% of refugees from Ukraine hope to return home one day.
  • Some 14.6 million people require multisectoral humanitarian assistance.
Rosmary Yaure and her son Leon, lived in Málaga, Duitama, Tunja, and Paima before returning to Venezuela one year ago.  Rosmary is currently participating in the hairdressing workshop that UNHCR, along with its institutional partners, offers in her community, where people who have returned to the country are involved. © UNHCR/Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo


Venezuela situation

There are over 7.7 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants worldwide, of which 84% (6.5 million) are in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

  • There are 300,000 recognized refugees, and almost 1.2 million asylum-seekers.
  •  In 2023, over 400,000 people (63% of them Venezuelans) moved north through Panama’s Darien jungle.
After fleeing Sudan due to violence, Rania* (35) approached UNHCR Registration Center in Cairo, together with her three children, Khalid* (3), Hamid*, and Naglaa * (0), where they were registered as asylum seekers. © UNHCR/Jaime Giménez



Western and Central Mediterranean situation

The suffering and loss of life continue unabated for refugees and migrants traveling across Africa or northward towards the Mediterranean.

  • Some 10,351 individuals perished or reported missing at sea alone since 2020.
  • Many people in need of international protection in sub-Saharan regions moved to Libya in 2023.
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