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National Partners

UNHCR's National Partners channel the generosity of private sector income from corporations, foundations, philanthropists and 1.7 million individual donors globally.


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A father and a child in blanket
A 40-year-old man with his two-year old daughter, near their home on the outskirts of Kabul. The family fled their home in Jalalabad 10 years ago because of fighting. The daughter has been suffering from a fever for the past week because of winter. Afghanistan. Displaced families cope with winter cold and food shortages Kabul. © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell
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Entrusted with UNHCR's name, logo, and brand, they mobilize resources and awareness on its behalf for forcibly displaced and stateless people. UNHCR relies on the support of 11 National Partners, each established as an independent, non-governmental organization in the country where it operates. The funding they have collectively raised in recent years has risen rapidly, with a total income of $434.2 million in 2023 including $172.4 million in unearmarked funding. In 2023, they facilitated 59% of individual and private sector donations coming to UNHCR, and 24% of all unearmarked funding.


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Australia for UNHCR

[78,812 individual donors | established in 2000]

In 2023, Australia for UNHCR mobilized funds for emergencies in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Libya, Bangladesh, the Syrian Arab Republic and Türkiye. A major campaign in 2023 focused on sport for protection, collaborating with FIFA to promote the Women’s World Cup, as well as refugee athletes. Australia for UNHCR also expanded its Islamic Philanthropy programme. In 2023, Islamic Relief Australia donated $134,000 to Zakat-compliant programmes, while Okay Bears, an online community selling digital art, donated $67,000 to support a Zakat-compliant cash assistance programme in Indonesia. Their partnership with the IMC Foundation also led to a donation of $88,000 towards UNHCR’s Primary Impact programme in Ethiopia.

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Aotearoa New Zealand for UNHCR

[3,159 individual donors | established in 2022]

Aotearoa New Zealand, supported by Australia for UNHCR, has 3,000 active donors, mostly acquired through face-to-face fundraising, resulting in 80% of funds being regular donations. In 2023, the organization raised $235,000. The emergency in Ukraine was the most successful campaign, raising almost $34,000.

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España con ACNUR (Spain for UNHCR) 

[493,727 individual donors | established in 1993]

In 2023, España con ACNUR raised $120.3 million. Critically, most of this funding was unearmarked. In the same year, España con ACNUR engaged nearly 500,000 active regular donors and raised a record $8.3 million from Spain’s decentralized governments.

(See as well the highlight on España con ACNUR in the main income analysis section)

Concert with Refugees 2023

Fundación ACNUR Argentina 

[55,766 individual donors | established in 2018]

Fundación ACNUR Argentina (Argentina for UNHCR) launched its “Ponchos Azules” campaign in 2023, which resulted in 1 million people signing a petition in support of UNHCR’s Hope Away from Home campaign. It also held a fourth “Concert with Refugees”, a live performance featuring local celebrities and renowned musicians collaborating with refugees and migrants before an audience of almost 2,000 at one of Buenos Aires' premier theatres. The show was broadcasted on the Paramount+ channel, reaching an audience of close to 300,000.

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Portugal com ACNUR 

[5,095 individual donors | established in 2023]

In its first full year of operation and supported by España con ACNUR, Portugal com ACNUR recruited more than 4,000 new committed regular donors and an awareness-raising strategy generated activities in more than 100 universities, schools and cultural centres, and plans were developed for more visibility in the media.

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Japan for UNHCR

[286,385 individual donors | established in 2000]

In 2023, Japan for UNHCR raised $73.8 million. Critically, most of this funding was unearmarked. Following the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria in 2023, Japan for UNHCR gained 50,000 new donors who supported UNHCR’s life-saving work worldwide.

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Sweden for UNHCR

[332,517 individual donors | established in 2013]

Sweden for UNHCR's contribution to UNHCR in 2023 exceeded a target originally set for 2025, after a 70% increase in donations in just two years. During its 2023 Christmas campaign, $8.5 million (85 million SEK) were raised from Swedish donors. This includes $5.4 million (54 million SEK) specifically for education activities, driven by a matching pledge from the Akelius Foundation giving a total of $13.9 million (139 million SEK) . The $5.4 million (54 million SEK) matched by Akelius Foundation will be donated 2024-2026 and will fund a programme on education. Large donations came from Solvatten, Better Shelter, H&M Group and Essity who provided a generous cash contribution and donations of 1.4 million diapers, 2.4 million sanitary pads and 90,000 rolls of toilet paper to aid in the Ukraine and Türkiye and Syria earthquake emergencies.

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Switzerland for UNHCR

[25,408 individual donors | established in 2020]

In 2023, Switzerland for UNHCR raised $17.9 million in income to UNHCR. Following the outbreak of the war in Sudan, Switzerland for UNHCR teamed up with the FIFA Foundation to provide thousands of families with life-saving assistance. Stepping up with care and compassion, the foundation rapidly mobilized its resources to extend support to an underfunded emergency that had largely escaped the news headlines. The partnership with the FIFA Foundation is underscoring the crucial role that organizations beyond traditional humanitarian actors can play through swift action in the face of adversity. In 2023, the team also launched a novel community-supported approach to advancing humanitarian aid through a charity stake pool on the Cardano Blockchain. This initiative is a positive example of how new solutions can bridge the gap between traditional funding models and blockchain solutions.

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United Kingdom for UNHCR 

[52,346 individual donors | established in 2020]

United Kingdom for UNHCR attracted donations in 2023 from more than 52,000 individuals, who joined philanthropic and corporate partners to provide $22.4 million. Its social media presence grew by 50% to reach 54,000 followers and helped generate over 1,000 pieces of media coverage about the refugee cause. Their “storyteller” programme, providing a national platform for refugees to share their own stories, had contributors from ten countries and reached UK audiences through media, film, photography and events. Throughout 2023, UK for UNHCR supported UNHCR’s relief efforts in countries such as the Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Armenia, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Myanmar, and across the Horn of Africa.

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[245,537 individual donors | established in 1980]

In Germany, UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, UNHCR’s oldest National Partner, has more than doubled its funding to UNHCR in the last five years, with more than 245,000 donors. This growth was underpinned by bold external communications and partnerships with entities such as Volkswagen, adidas and the German Postal Code Lottery,

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[138,606 individual donors | established in 1989]

USA for UNHCR generated $82.6 million in income during 2023. A combination of new and long-standing partners like YouTube and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – as well as continued efforts in the U.S. to lift the voices of refugees – generated both financial support and solidarity for forcibly displaced and stateless people around the world.

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When humanitarian emergencies strike, the private sector gives rapidly and generously


The private sector raced to respond to crises in 2023, a year when UNHCR issued a record number of emergency declarations. Many companies and individuals reacted rapidly and generously when earthquakes hit Türkiye and the Syrian Arab Republic in February. Among the many companies ramping up emergency aid efforts was the financial technology platform Adyen. Adyen encouraged their merchants, such as H&M, Bodyshop, and UNIQLO, to active Adyen Giving, enabling their customers to donate to UNHCR. Adyen matched their donations, resulting in a remarkable total of $6.9 million raised. Furthermore, Adyen also committed $1.1 million to UNHCR’s Emergency Action Fund in 2023.

man waking through ruins of houses destroyed by earthquake
© UNHCR/Emrah Gürel

More support came from AUDI AG, a partner of UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, which contributed €1 million to the earthquake appeal, while in Australia, the Emergency Action Alliance, a coalition of 15 charities, raised millions of dollars, including $256,000 for Australia for UNHCR. Meanwhile, fintech company Revolut Ltd. enabled its account holders to donate more than £1 million to UK for UNHCR through its app. This included £403,000 donated in 2023, supporting not only the earthquake response, but also survivors of Libya’s floods and people affected by the war in Ukraine. Revolut also simplified its requirements for opening a bank account for Ukrainians, providing quick access to funds for people fleeing their homes. A dedicated collaborator of USA for UNHCR, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, continuously provided support to Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people. Guided by faith-based principles, the Church expanded its efforts to support the Sudan emergency response in Chad, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. The crucial support from these partners demonstrates the power of collective action when organizations step up to provide critical support to millions of displaced people.