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Global Report 2023


This page describes the outlook for situations of forced displacement that have arisen from conflicts or emergencies around the world and highlights the achievements UNHCR made in 2023.

These situations typically involve diverse needs and are often protracted, with people seeking asylum in multiple neighbouring countries as well as within the borders of their own country.

The Kigonze IDP site near Bunia, Ituri Province, shelters 14,178 people who have fled conflict in the surrounding region. While insecurity continues to prevent return to their places of origin, solutions to their needs have become increasingly urgent, as the impact of severe malnourishment, chronic illnesses and trauma is worsened by prolonged displacement in deteriorating conditions in eastern DRC. © UNHCR/Joel. Z. Smith
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Afghanistan situation

With the crisis now in its fifth decade, the Afghanistan situation remains the largest in the Asia and Pacific region

In 2023, humanitarian needs in Afghanistan outpaced available funding and the need for protection and solutions increased considerably.

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Central African Republic situation

The volatile situation in the Central African Republic continued to drive displacement in 2023, with renewed hostilities between armed groups and a worsening humanitarian situation. 

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Colombia situation

Colombia hosted one of the world’s largest populations of people needing international protection in 2023, whilst also facing an internal displacement crisis, with 6.9 million Colombians forcibly displaced within the country.  

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Democratic Republic of the Congo situation

2023 was another difficult year for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with an escalation of conflict in eastern provinces giving rise to widespread human rights violations and an increase in gender-based violence. 

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El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras situation

In 2023 El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras witnessed a notable surge in the mixed movements of refugees and migrants, exacerbated by factors such as violence, insecurity, inequality, human rights violations, and the impact of climate change. 

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Ethiopia situation

Despite a peace agreement was signed in November 2022, many forcibly displaced Ethiopians were unable to return to their homes during 2023. 

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Iraq situation

The country continues to face protracted humanitarian and development needs, a complex political environment, and a volatile security situation. 

In 2023, UNHCR’s operation in Iraq continued its transition away from an emergency humanitarian response and towards long-term interventions anchored in developmental approaches and the inclusion of displaced populations. 

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Myanmar situation

2023 was marked by an expansion and intensification of violence across the country, which caused civilian casualties and triggered significant new displacement.

Reduced humanitarian access, deepening poverty, and devastating natural disasters exacerbated the humanitarian needs of the displaced and host communities. 

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Sahel situation

Political instability, escalating conflict and violence, and food insecurity continued to drive displacement in the Sahel, deepening the protection crisis there. Additionally, the effects of climate change further exacerbated displacement. 

A woman sitting while carrying her baby in her arms.


South Sudan situation

The conflict in South Sudan has left over 2.2 million refugees and 2.2 million IDPs displaced for over a decade, with climate change and food insecurity compounding the crisis.  

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Sudan situation

The conflict that erupted in Sudan in April 2023 resulted in the largest displacement crisis of the year, with 6.1 million Sudanese fleeing to other areas within the country and 1.5 million people seeking safety abroad.  


People searching for survivors after an earthquake.


Syria situation

In its thirteenth year, the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic remained the world’s largest in terms of displacement, with over 12 million people still forcibly displaced across the region. 

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Ukraine situation

By the end of 2023, 3.7 million people remained displaced within Ukraine and 6.3 million Ukrainians remained abroad, having fled the war as refugees and asylum-seekers.

The war has disrupted basic services and livelihoods, damaged infrastructure, and contaminated a vast agricultural region with mines. 

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Venezuela situation

There are over 7 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants worldwide, of which 84% (6.5 million) are in Latin America and the Caribbean. 


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Western and Central Mediterranean situation

The suffering and loss of life continue unabated for refugees and migrants travelling across Africa or northward towards the Mediterranean

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