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Global Report 2023

The Global Report highlights the results achieved by UNHCR and its partners in 2023 as we responded to the needs of a record number of forcibly displaced and stateless people around the world.


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Sudanese refugee Hawa, 40, stands at her shelter at the Kurmuk transit centre in the Benishangul-Gumuz region of northwestern Ethiopia. The mother-of-ten fled the violence in Sudan with her children and 80-year-old mother in June 2023. © UNHCR/Tiksa Negeri
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Global overview






If you are forced to flee or stateless, UNHCR is working for you.


In 2023, there were a record number of people in this situation, and the scale of global needs was unprecedented.


The Global Report aims to show what UNHCR did to meet those needs in 2023.

Maha, 10, a Sudanese refugee, looks through a curtain at her shelter in the Kurmuk transit centre in northwestern Ethiopia. © UNHCR/Tiksa Negeri
affected people



forcibly displaced and stateless people






declared by UNHCR around the world







spent against budgeted needs of $10.929 billion
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We worked tirelessly to overcome the numerous challenges – complex operational environments, misinformation and disinformation, xenophobia, funding incommensurate with humanitarian needs or increasingly conditional, and many others.

We stood firm against situations threatening the core of international refugee protection, but also engaged, in pragmatic yet principled terms, with proposals that recognize challenges faced by States and communities.

Filippo Grandi, UNHCR High Commissioner [read the full foreword]

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Where were the 122.6 million forcibly displaced and stateless people?


Read more about the changing populations in Global Trends, published in June 2024, which presents statistical trends and the latest official statistics on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people worldwide.



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What will you find in this Global Report?

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Our impact

This section examines five overarching "Impact Areas" where UNHCR wants to see positive changes in the lives of forcibly displaced and stateless people.

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Our outcomes

This section examines UNHCR's work in 2023, detailing our various activities in 16 "Outcome Areas", showing the results we achieved and the challenges we encountered.

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Our focus

This section covers five areas of strategic focus for UNHCR: climate action, internal displacement, statelessness, development, and accountability to affected populations.

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Our support and management

This section covers the "Enabling Areas", the support and management functions needed to run UNHCR's programmes and help the organization work more efficiently and effectively. It includes a section on UNHCR's strategic partnerships.

Read more about our Enabling Areas

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Our funding situation

This section explores UNHCR's budget, funding and expenditure in 2023.

Read more about our Funding Situation

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Hawa | Sudanese refugee in Ethiopia

Hawa, 40, fled the conflict in Sudan in June 2023 and now lives at the Kurmuk transit centre in northwestern Ethiopia with her mother and children.

“We were terrified and it was raining, there was no food along the way. We had nothing, we left everything behind.”

When they started hearing the shots in their village, Hawa and her family ran away and had to walk for three hours to seek safety. When they arrived in Ethiopia, they had only two Sudanese pounds to buy biscuits for the children.

"When we got here we were relieved, we are okay now."

See the video. © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell



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Country operations


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Explore the data and country narratives underlying the global picture, or download the Executive Summary for an overview of the content of this Global report.


Download the Executive Summary in English

Download the Executive Summary in French

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Please contact us if you have research or other questions about our data and analysis.

The maps in this report do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of UNHCR concerning the legal status of any country or territory or area, of its authorities, or the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries. Data in this report are drawn from the most recent statistics available to UNHCR, and from other United Nations agencies.

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Launch event

The Global Report 2023 will be officially presented during the 90th meeting of the Standing Committee on 1 - 3 July 2024.
The session will include a presentation of key findings and analysis as well as member State statements.

Members of the Executive Committee