Shelter and infrastructure


East: The priority for 2017 was to maintain percentage of people of concern living in adequate dwellings at 65% by constructing 50 old Tukuls and renovating 200. out of this 162 Tukuls were renovated in all camps as 72 Tukuls in Shagarab camps, 16 Tukuls in Kilo 26, 12 in Girba camp,18 in Um Gargour camp, 35 in Wad Sharifay Camp, 7 in Abuda camp and 2 Tukuls in Fau5 Camp. 50 new Tukuls were constructed in as 45 Tukuls for the new arrival and 5 tukuls for SGBV and other protection cases in addition to reconstruction of 37 Tukuls collapsed 2016 due to flood of rain water.