Russian Federation - 2021 Plan Summary


Operational environment

In 2021, UNHCR does not anticipate major changes to the number of people of concern in the Russian Federation. UNHCR will continue to engage with traditional government and non-government partners, while seeking to expand its partnerships with new actors within the framework of the Global Compact on Refugees.
UNHCR will develop its awareness-raising activities on the plight of refugees and reinforce national and international partnership. It will continue to advocate and support the access of asylum-seekers and refugees to asylum, livelihood and durable solutions within the Russian Federation by working with relevant actors and providing free legal assistance and targeted social support to persons with specific needs. UNHCR will also continue to advocate and support free legal assistance for stateless persons seeking to regularize their status. 

Key priorities  

In 2021, UNHCR will focus on: 

  • Maintaining its dialogue with relevant Government partners to increase support for UNHCR’s objectives and activities within the Russian Federation and globally.
  • Developing its awareness-raising activities with civil society and the private sector.
  • Expanding its dialogue with education, employment and other relevant actors to improve the access of asylum-seekers and refugees to social rights and benefits, thus increasing their possibilities for self-reliance and local integration.
  • Extending its dialogue with legal actors to support access of asylum-seekers and refugees to asylum procedures, livelihood and durable solutions, and expand its free legal aid networks.
  • Building on the Government’s best practices observed in 2020, increase UNHCR’s advocacy and dialogue on legislative developments to further reduce and prevent statelessness, facilitate naturalization of former refugees and maintain its free legal assistance to targeted stateless persons.