Saudi Arabia

a lay making a mat from grasses
Nigerian refugee Zeinabu Issufa, 63, weaves a straw mat in Chadakori “village of opportunity” near Maradi in southern Niger, where refugees are being relocated to ensure their safety and ease pressure on host communities in the border area.
© UNHCR/Colin Delfosse
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Saudi Arabia continues to expand and reinforce its partnership with UNHCR, providing contributions that enable UNHCR to protect, assist, and seek solutions for forcibly displaced people.

The Government of Saudi Arabia, including the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief), the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), enjoys more than 30 years of partnership with UNHCR.

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Thanks to the contributions from Saudi Arabia, vital UNCHR programs such as health care, education, shelter, water and sanitation, infrastructure, basic needs, cash assistance, livelihood support, and protection can be carried out with a steady flow of funding.

Saudi contributions have enabled a continued humanitarian response in the Middle East and other regions, particularly to those affected by the Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan crises.

As a dedicated supporter of UNHCR, Saudi Arabia also prioritizes the strengthening of partnerships, in particular public-private collaborations, for the benefit of refugees and other people in need. UNHCR has been present in the Kingdom since 1987, and our collaboration continues to grow stronger.

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