Republic of Korea

A child playing with tap water
A child plays at El Araguaney centre in Medellin, Columbia where Venezuelan refugee children and vulnerable Colombian children can enjoy a safe space.
© UNHCR/Ángela Hurtado Grueso
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The Republic of Korea is a key partner to UNHCR, supporting the response to protect and assist people who have been forcibly displaced worldwide.

The Republic of Korea is one of UNHCR's key government partners, supporting our work to protect and assist forcibly displaced people around the world — refugees, stateless persons, returnees, and internally displaced people. As a member of the governing Executive Committee (ExCom) since 2000, the Republic of Korea's support for UNHCR’s mandate and forcibly displaced people has been steadfast and reliable.

The Republic of Korea's growing support to UNHCR has proven essential in the delivery of humanitarian assistance, protection, and solutions to those most in need.

The consistent, and often multi-year, financial support directly supports UNHCR’s activities on-the-ground, saving lives, responding to new emergencies, and offering sustainable solutions to those in protracted situations worldwide.

The Republic of Korea is also an ardent supporter of the principles at the foundations of the Global Compact on Refugees and is an advocate for the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals, supporting activities in the areas of education, livelihoods, self-reliance, development, and peaceful coexistence in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The Republic of Korea sets an example on strengthening the humanitarian-development nexus through the robust partnership Korea International Cooperation Agency with UNHCR.

Several Korean nationals also serve as critical expertise within UNHCR’s workforce in various functional responsibilities and in areas where assistance is most needed.

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