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Kouim-kouli Primary school in Kaya, Burkina Faso welcoming IDP’s children.
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Norway’s multi-year and flexible funding helps UNHCR to plan effectively and respond where the needs are greatest.

Norway is a true partner to UNHCR. As one of the largest governmental donors, Norway provides a lifeline to refugees with vital multi-year and highly flexible funding. Moreover, as one of our top providers of unearmarked funding, Norway enables UNHCR to plan effectively, respond quickly to emergencies and continue to support people in protracted crises, that are often not covered by the media.

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This partnership is steeped in history, from Fridtjof Nansen's work as the High Commissioner for Refugees in 1921 to Norway's support for the Nansen Award, honoring individuals who have gone above

and beyond to protect refugees, displaced, and stateless people. In 1955, Norway joined the Executive Committee of UNHCR, solidifying their commitment to the cause.

Norway and UNHCR share common values and priorities, focusing on equal protection for both refugees and internally displaced men and women, identifying comprehensive approaches and improving assistance.

The government of Norway uses an innovative approach which resettles refugees to different locations based on their education and skills, resulting in better integration into new communities. Their support to the resettlement program allows UNHCR to maintain its capacity to provide long-term solutions to the most vulnerable refugees by giving them a chance at a new life in a place of safety and security.

Norway supports comprehensive approaches by assisting host communities—an approach that is at the heart of the Global Compact on Refugees. They hold a global leadership role on education in emergencies and child protection, is a firm advocate for the rights of women and girls, and a longtime supporter on UNHCR’s work on GBV.

Furthermore, specific Norwegian innovation grants also enable UNHCR to reduce its environmental footprint and adopt new approaches within refugee communities and camps.

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