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"I was born a refugee. I don’t want to die a refugee.” A former DAFI scholar, Faïda is now studying for a Master’s in Audit and Management Accounting at HEC Tchad in N'Djamena. Sewing is her passion as well as a possible alternative career path.
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Denmark is an important government partner, whose flexible contributions and support for innovative approaches help UNHCR deliver protection and solutions for displaced persons all around the world.

As a top donor, Denmark's flexible contributions have been invaluable in our efforts to make a real difference in the lives of refugees, stateless persons, returnees, and internally displaced people, in situations and crises that are not necessarily in the media spotlight.

Denmark is a founding member of UNHCR’s governing Executive Committee (ExCom) and a key player in discussions around the establishment of the Global Compact on Refugees and the Solutions Alliance, Denmark has shown a shared commitment to more sustainable and solutions-oriented responses to the situation of refugees, stateless persons, returnees, and internally displaced people.

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Denmark is the fifth largest government contributor of unearmarked funding to UNHCR, and over 80% of Denmark’s annual contribution comes at the start of each year in the form of unearmarked or flexibly earmarked contributions – meaning Danish support allows us to act quickly when new crises emerge and support under-resourced programs in protracted situations.

Denmark also hosts UN City in Copenhagen, where staff from the UNHCR Education, Global Data Service, Digital Service, and Private Sector Partnerships teams are located.

Denmark's significant pledges on education, asylum capacity, and energy/climate at the Global Refugee Forum, and their support for major humanitarian responses in 2022, such as in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, as well as in underfunded and protracted operations in Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Sahel Situation, is a testament of our common objectives. As one of the earliest supporters of Project Flow – one of UNHCR’s green innovative financing projects which will sustainably replace diesel-run pumps with solar-powered water pumps in six climate-vulnerable countries across Africa, Denmark also exhibits a strong interest in taking action on climate change.

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