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Austria is a key partner and donor to UNHCR around the world, helping to ensure protection and humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced and stateless persons.  


Distribution of Rapid Thermal Kits by UNHCR and its NGO partner the Right to Protection in Huta Mezhyhirska in Kyiv oblast. Each kits includes materials for quick and easy insulation of windows and doors that people can use to make their homes more winter-ready. © UNHCR/Iryna Tymchyshyn
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Total contributions in 2024 to date


UNHCR and Austria share a long common history. Austria has been part of the UNHCR Advisory Committee since 1951 and has been a founding member of the UNHCR Executive Committee since its establishment in 1958.  Moreover, in 1956, UNHCR and Austria joined hands for the first time to provide urgent assistance to people seeking asylum in Austria in the context of the Hungarian Revolution, collaborating closely to provide emergency relief, temporary shelter, and other assistance to refugees in need.  

Today, the partnership has further strengthened, with Austria being home to around 280,000 protection holders (by mid-2023).  

UNHCR and Austria are also key partners in the implementation of Austria’s new Humanitarian Aid Strategy, focusing on joint priority areas, such as protection and assistance to forcibly displaced people, support to those in protracted humanitarian crises and those affected by climate disasters, as well as people with specific vulnerabilities and protection needs (such as the elderly, persons with disabilities, unaccompanied children, LGBTI+ people, etc.). 

In 2023, Austria generously contributed over USD 27 million to UNHCR’s response in support of vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers around the world, including in Afghanistan and the region, Ukraine and the region (Moldova), the Syria situation (Jordan, Lebanon, Türkiye), countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sudan, and the region).  

Austria’s support enabled UNHCR to provide protection services to the most vulnerable, including survivors of gender-based violence, children and women at risk, and persons with disabilities, distribute urgently needed core relief items in emergency situations, provide cash-based assistance to address basic needs, provide shelter assistance, among other things. Austria’s contributions also helped UNHCR to work closely with local partners, including NGOs and authorities, and build their capacity.  

Finally, Austria is supporting UNHCR with vital unearmarked funding, helping the Agency to respond quickly to emergencies, support underfunded crises, and prepare for the unpredictable. 



Total contributions in 2023
27.51 million


34% of the contribution was softly earmarked and unearmarked

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