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With Austria’s financial support, UNHCR can assist the most vulnerable refugees, displaced and stateless people around the world. Poland
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Austria is a key partner and donor to UNHCR around the world, helping to ensure protection and humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and the stateless. 

Austria has been part of the UNHCR Advisory Committee since 1951 and is a founding member of the UNHCR Executive Committee since its establishment in 1958.  

Austria is home to around 160,000 protection holders (by mid-2022) and welcomed an additional 90,000 refugees from Ukraine in 2022 (as of December 2022).

In 2022, Austria contributed to UNHCR’s response in support of vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers around the world.

For example, thanks to funding from Austria, UNHCR could continue to provide vital humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Afghan IDPs as well as refugees in hosting countries. Austria also supports UNHCR’s emergency response for persons affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, both in the country and in neighbouring states, with a key focus on the protection of women and children.

Other key contributions include Tunisia, where Austria helps UNHCR offer protection services to refugees and asylum-seekers in all governorates. Moreover, in response to the recent catastrophic floods in Pakistan, Austria readily stepped up to reach the affected population with emergency cash assistance to address immediate needs, while working to reduce protection risks. In view of the massive increase of needs in the Horn of Africa due to the devastating drought and continued conflict, Austria is contributing to UNHCR’s activities in Ethiopia and Uganda, as well as to protection interventions in Mozambique.

For example, in Ethiopia, thanks to Austria’s contribution, UNHCR will be able to enhance the water supply capacity in eight refugee camps. Most recently, Austria has announced new funding for Syrian nationals in Jordan, which will support UNHCR’s urgent winterization assistance to the most vulnerable refugee households during the cold winter months.

Finally, Austria is supporting UNHCR with vital unearmarked funding, helping the organization to respond quickly to emergencies, scale-up under-funded crises and prepare for the unpredictable. 

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