a girl in class
Igirubuntu Divine, a refugee from Burundi, concentrates during a lesson in a school in Kakuma camp, Kenya   © UNHCR/Samuel Otieno

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Spain is a key donor and partner to UNHCR in the protection of forcibly displaced people worldwide, with particular attention to women and children.


Spanish support to UNHCR reflects the generosity and solidarity of its citizens. Thanks to significant efforts from both central and decentralized authorities, Spain re-joined UNHCR’s group of key donors in 2020, returning to its pre-economic crisis level of support, and maintained this level since then. In addition to the generous support received from the Spanish central government as well as from decentralized authorities through our national association España Con Acnur, Spanish citizens are the largest private donor to UNHCR – contributing over USD 120 million in 2021 to our operations worldwide.

Spain’s predictable support to operations in the Americas, the Sahel and the Middle East allows UNHCR to protect and assist forcibly displaced people in some of the largest emergency situations as well as in protracted crisis, for instance Syrian refugees as well as Sahrawi refugees. In line with its feminist foreign policy, Spain grants special attention to the needs of women and girls in emergency settings, including on prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence, and prioritizes education, including higher education. Spain is also at the forefront of the Covid-19 response, supporting our response and donating vaccines to countries hosting large number of refugees, most notably Iran.  

Total contributions in 2022 to date