Mother and child received by UNHCR team
With Austria’s financial support, UNHCR can assist the most vulnerable refugees, displaced and stateless people around the world. Poland   ©UNHCR/Maciej Moskwa

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Austria is a key partner and donor to UNHCR around the world, helping to ensure protection and humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and the stateless. 

Austria has been part of the UNHCR Advisory Committee in 1951 and is a founding member of the UNHCR Executive Committee since its establishment in 1958.  

As a host country, Austria granted protection to over 150,000 refugees by the end of 2021, and welcomed an additional 70,000 refugees from Ukraine in 2022 (as of July 2022). 

In 2021, thanks to Austria’s financial assistance, UNHCR could support people who have been forced to flee war, conflicts and persecution in Afghanistan, Syria, and other parts of the world. Austria has also contributed to UNHCR’s COVID-19 response, assisting displaced persons that were disproportionately affected by the negative effects of the pandemic.  

In 2022, Austria is contributing to UNHCR’s response in support of refugees and asylum-seekers in Tunisia as well as those displaced by the Ukraine emergency, in particular vulnerable women and children. This includes the delivery of key protection services, such as legal counselling, information support, medical and hygiene assistance, the distribution of core relief items, and the provision of cash-based assistance.  

Finally, Austria is supporting UNHCR with vital unearmarked funding, helping the organization to respond quickly to emergencies, scale-up under-funded crises and prepare for the unpredictable.  

Total contributions in 2022 to date