Climate Action

Two people walk through waist-deep floodwater. More people can be seen in the background.
Families in Bunj, Maban County in Upper Nile State, wade through floodwaters in September 2021   © UNHCR/Mary Sanyu Osire

With one of the largest field presences of any humanitarian agency, UNHCR is working in some of the most fragile contexts. Where conflict and climate vulnerabilities meet, millions of people are displaced and in urgent need of assistance and protection.  

In 2023, UNHCR seeks $845.1 million for activities supporting climate action. 

Disasters like widespread drought from Asia to the Horn of Africa, and massive flooding in Pakistan and South Sudan, illustrate the impact of climate change. With 70% of refugees and 80% of internally displaced people originating from countries on the front lines of the climate crisis, millions of refugees, displaced and stateless people are living in climate “hotspots” where they typically lack the resources to adapt to an increasingly inhospitable environment. 

Bold action can avert the catastrophic consequences of the climate crisis that millions of displaced people now face. We must move away from a reactive approach to something more proactive, where we understand where the threats are, and we do something about them. 

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