Services for persons with specific needs


The 2012 participatory assessment has revealed that there is still wide spread misconception about disability and discrimination against persons with disabilities in the camps. Additionally, there is an absence of adequate facilities for persons with disabilities, specifically those with severe mental and physical disabilities

The 2014 participatory assessment has also shown that there is a lack of wheelchair accessible toilets throughout the camps and efforts to mainstream persons with disability friendly constructions are far from being satisfactory.

In addition, there are limited activities for elderly people who are dependent on their families for support although the IRC Youth Programme has some social service initiatives whereby youth help the elderly with collecting water, cleaning or fetching their food ration. Also, RaDO and MCDO have some outreach activities targeting persons with disabilities and women respectively though there is a need to empower the later in order to make it more proactive and responsive.

Comprehensive response:

With adequate resources, 100 % of persons with disabilities and 80 % of older persons will have enhanced access to services for their specific needs by end of 2014.