Regional Office in South Eastern Europe - Internally displaced persons in Kosovo


Up to date Kosovo (S/RES/1244(1999)) institutions did not assume full responsibility over internally displaced people (IDPs). Vast majority of of the estimated 17,000 IDPs are in private accommodation while 432 individuals are still accommodated in 29 collective centres, living under dire conditions. IDPs enjoy access to services as social cases and on individual basis and not as a specific category due to their displacement situation. Their participation and representation into decision-making is limited. Throughout 2015, a total of 51 families with 242 individuals returned to their places of origin or places other than home from their displacements within Kosovo (S/RES/1244(1999)). So far, neither a registration nor any survey was conducted to ensure reliable data on IDPs. UNHCR estimated a figure of 17,000 IDPs remains the only statistical figure commonly referred to by main stakeholders. A profiling exercise will be implemented in 2016 by Danish Refugee Council (DRC) with the funds ensured from Ministry for Community and Return (MCR) and support from UNHCR and Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS). The exercise is expected to provide reliable and agreed upon estimates on the number of IDPs and comprehensive profile related to their level of social and economic integration, enjoyment of rights and displacement related needs and vulnerabilities.