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Mozambique. Displaced Children playing in Cabo Delgado.   © UNHCR/Martim Gray Pereira

Italy is a key donor and partner around the world in protecting and assisting people of concern to UNHCR - refugees, stateless persons, returnees, and internally displaced people.

As a member of UNHCR's Advisory Committee since 1951, and a founding member of UNHCR's Executive Committee since 1959, Italy’s support for UNHCR’s mandate and forcibly displaced people in the diplomatic, media and public spheres has been steadfast and robust.

Italy is also a reliable partner for UNHCR across the seven regions thanks to its network of public officials and the numerous Italian NGOs involved in humanitarian assistance.

Ultimately, Italy’s financial support to UNHCR directly contributes to the Office’s activities on the ground, saving lives, responding to new emergencies, and offering solutions in protracted situations. 

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Italy’s vital contributions enable UNHCR to protect, assist, and seek solutions for people of concern.  In 2021, funding supported UNHCR’s response to new and protracted displacement crises, including Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia, and Venezuela among others, and contributed to the Office work in protection, GBV prevention and response, shelter, healthcare, and livelihoods. 

Italy has also shown a commitment to finding solutions for people of concern stranded in dire conditions through resettlement, humanitarian corridors and humanitarian evacuations.

Italy’s unearmarked contributions mean UNHCR can respond quickly to emergencies, support people in protracted or forgotten crises no longer in the public eye and maintain life-saving protection and assistance in underfunded conflicts.

Total contributions in 2023 to date