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kids playing in an old car
Displaced children in an old car in Al-Rawdah camp in Marib city, Yemen.   © UNHCR/YPN/Jihad Al-Nahari

Ireland is one of UNHCR’s key donors and steadfast partners in protecting and assisting our people of concern - refugees, stateless persons, returnees, and IDPs - around the world.

Ireland joined UNHCR’s Executive Committee in 1996 and its apolitical support to refugee-producing countries is a great example of real global solidarity and a practical expression of Ireland’s commitment to the principles on which the UN is founded. Ireland won a seat on the UN Security Council for a two-year term covering 2021 and 2022 and has been a strong principled voice for refugee and displacement issues.

Channelled through Irish Aid, funding from Ireland targets operations in Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda), Asia (Afghanistan situation and Bangladesh), the Middle East (Jordan) the Americas (Venezuela situation), and the Ukraine crisis and supports critical UNHCR programmes in health, water and sanitation, prevention of and support to victims of gender-based violence, primary and vocational education, and livelihoods. 

Ireland also gives UNHCR vital unearmarked funding that helps us to respond to emergencies and meet the needs of forgotten operations.  This type of funding was critical to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and enabled UNHCR to immediately purchase and supply PPE, soap and other hygiene items to countries where they were most needed to mitigate the spread of the disease in crowded refugee camps.

In addition, UNHCR benefits from the expertise of experts in shelter, water and sanitation, health, child protection, community services and other important sectors that Ireland provides through its emergency standby arrangement.  These experts travel to emergency locations and are integrated to UNHCR teams on the ground.

Total contributions in 2022 to date