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Making a difference, together.

Belgium ranks among UNHCR’s top ten donors providing multi-year funding.

Belgium remains a key donor to UNHCR. It joined the UNHCR's “20-million-plus dollar donors' club in 2016 and currently ranks among UNHCR’s top ten donors providing multi-year funding. Belgium announced $35.9 million in core unearmarked funding at UNHCR’s last pledging conference in December 2020—the equivalent to $11.9 million yearly for the period 2021-2023. Belgium’s increase in unearmarked core funding will help UNHCR to respond to unforeseen crises and to bolster underfunded operations over the next three years. As a member of UNHCR’s Advisory Committee and a founding member of the governing Executive Committee (ExCom) since 1959, Belgium’s commitment to efficiency, change and improvement of UNHCR and the humanitarian system overall, focuses on an effective humanitarian delivery to those in need. Belgium adheres to the principles of the Grand Bargain, including increasing the transparency and predictability of humanitarian aid, in line with UNHCR’s priorities.

Belgium provides stable and predictable financial support to UNHCR and is a key strategic ally in the work of humanitarian assistance and solutions. The predictability of Belgium’s contributions not only allows UNHCR to respond rapidly with life-saving assistance in new emergencies, but also ensures continuity of UNHCR’s response in protracted and underfunded situations. With more than a half of its overall contribution being unearmarked, Belgium’s funding is critical to the type of flexible response that enables UNHCR to plan effectively while responding to the needs of refugees and displaced people in new crises worldwide, including in the Great Lakes, in the Sahel and in the Middle East regions among others. Belgium is a key partner and a strong supporter of innovation in the humanitarian sector, including through its financial support in recent years to UNHCR’s Innovation Fund. Belgium also supports cash assistance as a modality for effective delivery of aid.

Internally displaced Congolese woman, Assy, 25, attends soap-making class where she is recovering from gender-based violence. 

With precious help from partners such as Belgium, ‘Mary, Mother of Hope Recovery', a UNHCR-supported reintegration center in the city of Kananga, DRC, provides services for up to 300 gender-based violence survivors, offering vocational training, psychosocial support and literacy classes to help the women on their path of self-sustainability.

© UNHCR/Olivia Acland

“Don’t die, please buy” – Malian artisan refugees make COVID-19 face masks in Niger  

“I was a widow with an 11-month-old baby when Menaka was under siege. With my mother and brothers, we walked for days until we reached the Nigerien border.” Thanks to Belgium’s support to UNHCR, Zeinabou, 25, received training after she fled violence and conflict in northern Mali. After arriving in Niamey, Niger, she now works in a modest sewing shop where she sells her masks to support her family.

© UNHCR/Marlies Cardoen

Refugees develop innovative clean energy device at Zaatari camp, Jordan 

“All our ideas are based on the challenges we see around us, or challenges people share with us. This is why there are so many innovative projects in Zaatari. Syrian refugees, Youssef (left) and Ahmed, stop on their bikes outside the innovation lab at Zaatari Camp in Jordan. They met in the camp after fleeing the conflict and have since developed numerous innovations to aid refugees’ lives, in particular with a device that generates piezoelectricity using kinetic energy from a bicycle or wind energy from a fan. Belgium’s constant support to UNHCR encourages refugees to improve life in camps with the Clean Energy Challenge.

© UNHCR/Lilly Carlisle

A group of refugee children at the ”Save the Woman and Protect the Girl Child”, Nigeria 

By providing useful material such as benches and desks, Belgium’s support to UNHCR and education helps developing community-based initiatives as the pre-school initiative “Save the Woman and Protect the Girl Child” in Ogoja, Nigeria where volunteer teachers prepare 2–5-year-old children for school with different activities.

© UNHCR/Roland Schönbauer