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The Solutions Capital Initiative
14 November 2018
UNHCR Brochure on Underfunded Situations in 2018
4 October 2018
UNHCR Investing in Integrity
25 September 2018
Revised South Sudan 2018 Regional Refugee Response Plan
24 September 2018
Democratic Republic of the Congo Revised 2018 Regional Refugee Response Plan
18 July 2018
Rapport Global 2017
6 July 2018
UNHCR/UNCDF - Financial inclusion of forcibly displaced persons and host communities
29 June 2018
Use of Unearmarked Funding in 2017
25 June 2018
Global Report 2017
4 June 2018
South Sudan 2018 Supplementary Appeal
23 March 2018

L’Appel global du HCR est destiné à informer les gouvernements, les donateurs du secteur privé, les partenaires et les autres lecteurs intéressés sur les priorités de l’organisation et les activités budgétisées en 2018 et 2019.

L’Appel global 2018-2019 présente les ressources qui seront nécessaires au HCR en 2018 (ainsi que les montants prévisionnels pour 2019) pour assurer la protection et améliorer les conditions de vie de dizaines de millions de personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR : les réfugiés, les déplacés internes, les rapatriés, les apatrides et les autres personnes relevant de sa compétence. Il souligne également les défis auxquels font face l’organisation et ses partenaires afin de répondre à une multiplicité de crises mettant en danger des vies et à des besoins humanitaires qui ne cessent d’augmenter.


L'Appel Global 2018-2019 est disponible en version complète ou par chapitre ci-dessous.

Aperçu 2018 Avant-propos du Haut CommissaireExplorer de nouvelles approches et élargir les partenariatsEnvoyée SpécialePriorités stratégiques globales

Besoins de financements du HCR en 2018 et 2019



Asie et Pacifique


Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord

Gestion et appui aux opérations

Sauvegarder les droits fondamentaux

Apporter une aide vitale

Assurer un avenir meilleur

Annexes États membres du Comité exécutif du HCR et États parties aux Conventions sur les réfugiés et sur les apatridesGlossaireAcronymes

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The Global Report reflects major achievements and challenges we, and our partners, faced throughout 2017 in attempting to respond to multiple life-threatening crises and the ever-growing needs of some 71.4 million people of concern to UNHCR—refugees, returnees, stateless persons, and internally displaced people.

This Report presents the Office’s work at global and regional levels, underlining, among others, key progress with regards to the rolling-out of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework, new approaches to partnerships, financing mechanisms and how we pursued advocacy efforts to protect and improve the lives of the people we serve.


The Global Report 2017 is available in full version or as individual chapters below.

Showcasing key elements presented in the Global Report, the multimedia story Responding in a world in turmoil combines text, pictures, maps, stories, video and graphics to show some of the wealth of information presented in the Report in new and engaging ways. This included how UNHCR in 2017 protected people who were forced to flee war, violence and persecution, responded to their needs, identified solutions, developed innovative ways to deliver its mandate, along with references to the funding situation and to some of the challenges the Office faced.

UNHCR in 2017

Overview Foreword by the High CommissionerThe Special EnvoyGlobal Strategic Priorities

Populations of concern to UNHCR

Expanding partnerships

Funding UNHCR's Programmes


The Americas

Asia and the Pacific


Middle East and North Africa

Operational Support and Management

Safeguarding Fundamental Rights

Responding with Lifesaving Support

Building Better Futures

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Supplementary Appeals
A Supplementary Appeal is UNHCR’s primary fundraising tools in new emergencies or situations not covered by the ExCom-approved annual budget as reflected in the Global Appeal. When new or unforeseen requirements exceed $10 million, a supplementary budget is created following approval. The Supplementary Appeal is the corresponding appeal document which enables UNHCR to present the situation and its response plan, and to raise funds for the supplementary budget.
Refugee Response Plans
Refugee Response Plans (RRPs) are comprehensive inter-agency plans designed to respond to refugee emergencies. They are a key feature of the Refugee Coordination Model, as the vehicle through which leadership and coordination of a refugee response may be exercised. An RRP articulates the protection and solution priorities; describes the needs of refugees, host communities, and other people of concern; identifies relevant responsible actors; and defines the financial requirements of all the humanitarian actors. It builds on national preparedness measures and existing contingency plans.
Other appeals or similar documents
In addition to Supplementary Appeals and Refugee Response Plans, UNHCR issues appeals or similar documents for other situations. These may include, for example, a focus on the needs for children’s education; to highlight UNHCR’s activities regarding multi-year solutions; or to spotlight the objectives surrounding UNHCR’s plans to reduce statelessness.