Emerging Resettlement Countries Joint Support Mechanism (ERCM)

In light of the recent and rapid expansion in the number of emerging resettlement countries willing to develop resettlement programmes, a need has been identified to set up a platform specifically designed to facilitate and channel in a strategic and coordinated manner, the support needed by new and emerging resettlement countries to start these programmes. The Emerging Resettlement Countries Joint Support Mechanism (ERCM) will be operated as a joint venture that aims to enhance resettlement activities undertaken by new and emerging resettlement countries including through harnessing the expertise of experienced resettlement countries and other actors. Within the overarching goal of enabling more resettlement opportunities for those refugees in need, as well as fostering responsibility sharing towards finding durable solutions for refugees, the ERCM will have three main objectives:

1. Providing a mechanism for governments, private sponsors and donors to harness their expertise and contribute both financially and technically to supporting refugee resettlement around the world in a strategic and coordinated manner;
2. Assisting new and emerging resettlement countries in assessing the sustainability of their resettlement programme, helping to identify vulnerable areas in need of support and providing, accordingly, targeted financial and/or technical assistance;
3. Channeling and supporting the sharing of technical expertise and good practices among experienced resettlement countries, international organizations, international NGOs and governmental and non-governmental actors in new and emerging resettlement countries.

The Mechanism will achieve its objective through channeling and managing resources and support provided to the Mechanism by interested actors to new and emerging resettlement countries that are in need of assistance. Resources and support provided to the Mechanism will take two forms:

  • Financial support: Direct funding will be limited to supporting best practice pre-departure and travel arrangements, including health assessments, cultural orientation and movement operations through IOM to ensure refugees are empowered and well-prepared for third-country resettlement;
  • Technical support: Technical support will include capacity building and sharing of expertise by UNHCR, IOM, or other relevant stakeholder such as NGOs, or experienced resettlement countries with new or emerging resettlement countries. Technical support from UNHCR will focus on resettlement programme design, adjudication and selection of refugees as well as on reception and integration of resettled refugees. IOM’s technical support will cover end-to-end programme planning from the onset, focusing on best practice in movement operations and pre-departure services, including but not limited to the development of health protocols with concerned authorities in resettlement countries and the designing of pre-departure orientation curriculum based on key messages of the destination country.

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