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Key Figures

2019 planning figures
68,000 people will receive cash grants
25,000 people will be hosted in urban accommodation
3,000 people will be provided with legal assistance
500 households will be supported for local integration
2017 year-end results
37,600 people received cash grants 
22,139  urban accommodation places were established
138 projects to promote peaceful coexistence between host and displaced communities were implemented

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Decrease in
2017 83,418
2016 86,611


[["Refugees",32945],["Refugee-like situation",6054],["Asylum-seekers",44221],["Stateless",198]]
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Year-end Overview

Plan Overview

Working Environment

In 2019, it is expected that the vast majority (90%) of new arrivals entering Greece by sea through the island route will apply for asylum, on the assumption that the EU-Turkey Joint statement will continue to be implemented. Contrary to new arrivals in the islands, only 50 per cent of land arrivals are estimated to apply for asylum. The number of recognized refugees is expected to increase at a steady pace. Taking into consideration the limited capacity of relocation schemes outside Greece, the number of recognized refugees and asylum-seekers staying in Greece is expected to grow.
UNHCR will capitalize on the progress made in the area of protection case management and protection responses in particular for unaccompanied and separated children and for SGBV prevention and response. The accommodation and cash-based interventions schemes could support a meaningful transition to self-reliance and pave the way for integration. By the end of 2019, over 80,000 refugees and asylum-seekers are expected to remain in the country. UNHCR will work closely with authorities, both at national and local level, to support national integration policies and to increase self-reliance opportunities.
UNHCR will mobilize protection-centered humanitarian coordination established at the point of delivery in view of further strengthen the Government's response capacity.

Key priorities

UNHCR’s multi-year transition strategy is built on the significant investments made in the accommodation scheme and related services, cash-based assistance and the transfers from the islands to the mainland. The transition, started in 2017, is expected to be close to conclusion by the end of 2020. In this regard, in 2019, UNHCR will need to continue the accommodation scheme in close cooperation with the Government and municipalities, the provision of cash assistance and the identification of and response to protection risks, particularly for children and women.
UNHCR will maintain its protection monitoring and response role through advocacy and targeted interventions, especially in relation to child protection, SGBV, communications with communities, while overall protection considerations will continue to be mainstreamed through conscientious efforts in the country-wide cash and accommodation programmes. Specific focus will be placed on integration with a view to strengthen the national system as a whole to operate an inclusive approach towards refugees as well as to support refugees’ self-reliance.