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Key Figures

2017 year-end results
1,580 people of concern were enrolled in primary education
100 people of concern who required referral to secondary and tertiary health care facilities were provided with services
40 people of concern voluntarily repatriated with UNHCR’s assistance
4 camp schools in Ghana were equipped with national school feeding programmes and proficient teachers
2018 planning figures
80% of primary school-aged children will be enrolled in primary education
2,000 refugees provided with cash or vouchers for livelihoods provisioning
800 persons at risk of statelessness will be assisted with documentation
300 refugees will receive production kits for agriculture/livestock/fishery activities
150 households will receive vouchers for shelter construction materials 
4 advocacy interventions will be carried out for creation of conducive conditions for solutions

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2017 13,470
2016 13,236
2015 19,265


[["Refugees",12156],["Asylum-seekers",1313],["Returned refugees",1]]
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Year-end Overview

Plan Overview

The summary of 2019 plan will be available shortly.