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Key Figures

2018 planning figures
100% of people of concern will have access to primary health care
95% or more, of deliveries in the two settlements will be attended by trained midwives
90% of households will not use harmful coping strategies with regard to food security
60% of people of concern will receive antiretroviral therapy 
6,000 Congolese cases will be processed for local integration, subject to the approval of the Government
2016 year-end results
100% of PoCs had access to primary health care
100% of school-aged children had access to primary education
1,340 refugees were submitted for resettlement and 714 departed for resettlement
1,133 former Angolan refugees received residence permits
600 vulnerable families received shelter support

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2016 57,209
2015 52,179
2014 50,216


[["Refugees",29350],["Asylum-seekers",3319],["Others of concern",24540]]
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The 2017 Year-End Report will be available shortly. 

Working environment

Zambia has a long history of providing land, security and access to public primary health and education services to refugees. Nevertheless, the current encampment policy forces large numbers of refugees to relocate irregularly to urban areas in search of economic opportunities, putting them at risk of exploitation and detention.

Funding shortages will negatively impact on access to education and secondary health care, as well as the targeted assistance to vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers. The implementation of the mixed migration strategies, as well as the pilot detention strategy will also be affected. 

Key priorities

In 2017 the UNHCR operation in Zambia will focus on:

•    pursuing legal aspects of the local integration of former Angolan and Rwandan refugees;
•    advocating to extend local integration to protracted Congolese and Burundian refugees;
•    pursuing resettlement to a third country for some 1,300 refugees with special protection needs; 
•    strengthening child protection activities by enhancing the capacity of partners to conduct best interest determination and to identify solutions for unaccompanied and separated children; 
•    further exploring and implementing alternatives to detention;
•    continuing the prevention of SGBV through community sensitization;
•    supporting the Government to fulfil its pledge to accede to the 1961 Statelessness Convention.