Operation: Opération: Angola



Latest update of camps and office locations 21  Nov  2016. By clicking on the icons on the map, additional information is displayed.

Key Figures

2017 planning figures
300 applicants will be informed on the refugee status determination (RSD) procedure
250 people of concern with specific needs will receive appropriate support 
150 people of concern will receive legal assistance
50 people of concern will be assisted with civil status registration or documentation
2015 end-year results
 161 people of concern who received shelter and food support
4,639 former Angolan refugees assisted to return home
738 refugees and officials who received training on international refugee protection issues
110 refugee children issued with a birth certificate

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Decrease in
2015 50,337
2014 59,970
2013 45,488


[["Refugees",15555],["Asylum-seekers",30143],["Returned refugees",4639]]
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Year-end Overview

Plan Overview

Working environment

Angola currently hosts refugees mainly in urban areas. The new asylum law, which entered into force in June 2015, has yet to be implemented. The lack of transitional provisions has created a legal vacuum and there has not been functioning asylum procedure since June 2015. Although the new law foresees the creation of a RSD body and introduces a second-instance judicial appeal, it also restricts rights previously granted to asylum-seekers and introduces a compulsory stay in a closed reception centre.

The voluntary repatriation of former Angolan refugees ended in 2015, although around 60,000 former refugees still remain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia, and face challenges in integrating locally. The birth registration of children born to foreigners is suspended since 2011 and UNHCR has only been able to register some refugee children. 

Key Priorities

In 2017 the UNHCR operation in Angola will focus on:

•    supporting the Government in implementation of the new asylum law and restoring the asylum process in Angola;
•    promoting accession to the Statelessness Conventions and advocate for the birth registration of refugees and asylum-seekers; 
•    building national capacity in responding to the needs of refugees and asylum-seekers, particularly in a mixed-migration context;
•    promoting durable solutions for Rwandan, Sierra Leonean and Liberian refugees in Angola;
•    providing appropriate support to vulnerable people of concern with specific needs.