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Key Figures

2017 year-end results
100% of the refugees had access to basic health services while 150 cases were referred to secondary and tertiary medical care 
2,290 refugees received in-kind food assistance and complementary cash grants
910 refugee children benefited from different types of formal education services 
190 families supported with multipurpose cash grants while 72 individuals with specific need were assisted with one-time cash assistance
8 awareness-raising sessions on sexual and gender-based violence were organized
2018 planning figures
100% of refugees in Massawa camp (2,310 people) will have access to health services, will receive cash assistance as well as in-kind food assistance on a monthly basis whereas 107 urban refugees will receive multipurpose cash assistance on a monthly basis
886 refugee students in camps will be enrolled in kindergarten, primary, and secondary education 
80 people with specific needs will be assisted with cash grants for additional material and economic support
55 households in camps will receive cash grant for business startup
20 households in camps will have access to permanent shelter
20 litres/day/person of potable water will be maintained for the refugees in Massawa camp

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2017 2,879
2016 2,367
2015 2,557


[["Refugees",2392],["Returned refugees",468],["Others of concern",19]]
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Year-end Overview

Plan Overview

The summary of 2019 plan will be available shortly.