Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe

Operational information on the Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe subregion is presented below. A summary of this can also be downloaded in PDF format. This subregion covers the following countries:

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Subregion: Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe


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Budgets and Expenditure in Subregion Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe

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2019 {"categories":[2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021],"budget":[386.522619389,336.889691428,344.72385762,352.72934304399996,352.34381684999994,215.61447078],"expenditure":[240.00866919999999,274.12353993,300.51151883,313.493768,null,null]} {"categories":[2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021],"p1":[382.144094999,333.136415548,341.52840399,349.53334685399994,349.5708284,213.17945409],"p2":[3.39118021,2.97903254,3.0328002599999997,2.94007163,2.53612833,2.19815669],"p3":[0.98734418,0.77424334,0.16265337,0.25592456,0.23686012,0.23686],"p4":[null,null,null,null,null,null]} {"categories":[2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021],"p1":[236.40963004,270.97183222,298.06604339999996,311.26952407,null,null],"p2":[2.63812679,2.47224807,2.3235376000000003,2.01793097,null,null],"p3":[0.96091237,0.67945964,0.12193783,0.20631296,null,null],"p4":[null,null,null,null,null,null]}
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People of Concern - 2021 [projected]

[["Refugees",3207591],["Asylum-seekers",692531],["Returned refugees",20],["Stateless",377674],["Others of concern",6100]]
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Operational environment 

People of concern to UNHCR continue to seek safety in Europe, driven by long-lasting or fresh conflicts, political unrest, violence and human rights violations. Such people often travel in mixed movements along irregular routes used by migrants who wish to reach Europe for economic reasons. Faced with restrictions and a lack of alternative safe and legal pathways, people risk their lives on perilous journeys and explore new routes, such as sea crossings to the Canary Islands or Cyprus. Movements toward the continent are expected to continue in 2021, including due to the socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on many countries in and around the region.
The EU Pact on Migration and Asylum represents an opportunity for Europe to demonstrate its ability to manage migration and asylum with a pragmatic, rights-based approach. UNCHR will work with all stakeholders to ensure that solidarity and rule of law govern the approach to refugees in Europe.
Aiming to ensure protection for people of concern through a workable and sustainable asylum system, UNHCR will offer technical support to States towards the development of adequate reception conditions, and efficient and fair procedures.
With refugee livelihoods disproportionately affected by the pandemic, UNHCR will proactively support effective integration strategies and promote an environment conducive to inclusion and integration.
Fostering a welcoming environment and positive discourse on refugees will remain central to UNHCR’s strategy in the region. UNHCR will engage and communicate strategically with a multitude of partners to enhance European solidary with refugees within and beyond its borders.

Strategy: Response and implementation 

In Northern Europe, UNHCR will pursue the objectives laid out in its 2018-2022 multi-year, multi-partner strategy, including better access to territory and efficient and fair asylum procedures; greater focus on the integration of people of concern into host communities; the establishment of child-sensitive systems for asylum-seeking children; and finding solutions beyond Europe for people of concern, such as increased resettlement and use of legal pathways. UNHCR will engage with all stakeholders and the public to positively influence narratives and perceptions on refugee issues. It will continue to work together with the Nordic countries, building on their policies and engagement to mobilize support for UNHCR’s mandate and activities, and work with the Baltic States to strengthen asylum systems and preparedness.
In Western Europe, UNHCR will strategically engage with EU stakeholders to support the adoption of a European Pact on Migration and Asylum that will guarantee access to asylum and protection for those who need it through fair and fast asylum procedures and the return of those who do not. It will also develop a response capacity to tackle forced displacement globally. Refugee integration initiatives and policies will also be supported and promoted. Community participation and communication with communities will be at the centre of UNHCR’s work with people of concern. Advocacy initiatives and campaigns will continue to promote solidarity and foster a positive environment for refugee inclusion and integration. Improving the quality of national asylum procedures and reception conditions; strengthening the prevention of, and response to, gender-based violence; protecting unaccompanied and separated children; and expanding legal pathways, including access to family reunification, integration and the eradication of statelessness, will all remain key protection objectives.
In Central Europe, UNHCR will engage strategically with relevant national and regional actors, such as the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and UN agencies to promote and advocate a more favourable protection environment. Monitoring activities at the EU’s external borders will continue, especially where pushbacks have been reported to support advocacy interventions. Building and sharing good practices and experiences in the wider region, UNHCR will promote positive integration initiatives, facilitate economic inclusion and access to quality education, and strengthen access to social protection schemes.
In Southern Europe, with increased arrivals by sea in Spain and Cyprus, UNHCR will continue to monitor arrivals and ensure that access to territory and procedures are ensured and pushbacks prevented. UNHCR will enhance its border monitoring activities and strengthen its presence at key points of arrival in Spain. Across the region, UNHCR will focus on ensuring and strengthening access to asylum, improving reception standards, reducing detention and developing fast and fair asylum procedures. UNHCR will focus on supporting the integration of refugees in host communities; preventing gender-based violence; and ensuring access to special care and services for unaccompanied and separated children, including education. Community-based protection approaches will be at the centre of UNHCR’s work with people of concerns and their hosts.

2021 Budget for Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe | USD

Operation Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 2
Stateless programme
Pillar 3
Reintegration projects
Pillar 4
IDP projects
Belgium Multi-Country Office 10,697,695383,1850011,080,880
Bulgaria 1,860,23883,000001,943,238
Croatia 1,455,031168,292236,86001,860,183
Cyprus 2,983,0634,000002,987,063
France 3,451,319242,223003,693,542
Germany 2,174,83738,265002,213,102
Greece 150,453,58375,00000150,528,583
Hungary Multi-Country Office 4,607,215102,189004,709,404
Italy Multi-Country Office 18,797,160189,3160018,986,476
Malta 1,874,9085,000001,879,908
Poland 836,16316,47500852,638
Romania 2,411,21121,412002,432,623
Spain Multi-Country Office 4,881,4115,000004,886,411
Sweden Multi-Country Office 4,297,644650,000004,947,644
United Kingdom 2,397,975214,800002,612,775
Total 213,179,4542,198,157236,8600215,614,471

2021 Voluntary Contributions to Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe | USD

Earmarking / Donor Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 2
Stateless programme
Belgium Multi-Country Office
European Union 55,48500 55,485
Belgium Multi-Country Office subtotal 55,48500 55,485
United States of America 00100,000 100,000
Cyprus subtotal 00100,000 100,000
France 1,372,30900 1,372,309
Private donors in France 122,69900 122,699
France subtotal 1,495,00800 1,495,008
Germany 00597,372 597,372
Germany subtotal 00597,372 597,372
Afghanistan 704,22500 704,225
Austria 1,173,70900 1,173,709
Education Cannot Wait 117,42600 117,426
European Union 65,733,77800 65,733,778
Norway 37,23300 37,233
Private donors in Austria 00365 365
Private donors in Brazil 001,159 1,159
Private donors in Denmark 00138 138
Private donors in France 001,195 1,195
Private donors in Germany 00272,393 272,393
Private donors in Mexico 0052 52
Private donors in Singapore 0098 98
Private donors in Sweden 0014,087 14,087
Private donors in Switzerland 002,549 2,549
Private donors in the Netherlands 0013,956 13,956
Private donors in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 00182,990 182,990
Private donors in the United States of America 002,100 2,100
United States of America 001,100,000 1,100,000
Greece subtotal 67,766,37101,591,080 69,357,451
Malta 61,35000 61,350
Malta subtotal 61,35000 61,350
Sweden Multi-Country Office
Russian Federation 093,8970 93,897
Sweden Multi-Country Office subtotal 093,8970 93,897
United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 268,80900 268,809
United Kingdom subtotal 268,80900 268,809
Total 69,647,02393,8972,288,452 72,029,371
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