United Republic of Tanzania - Newly naturalized Tanzanians and 1972 Burundian refugees


The Government of Tanzania continues to highlight insecurity concerns, decreased funding compared to increased needs as well as environmental degradation among its top concerns related to hosting refugees in Tanzania. The Government has also voiced dissatisfaction at the perceived lack of recognition for Tanzania’s long generosity towards refugees. Similarly, the Government of Tanzania has declared its intention to pursue voluntary repatriation for the remaining 1972 Burundian refugee population in its territory. This could signify the Government’s lack of prioritization of engagement with UNHCR in finding a lasting solution for these refugees, as a means of pushing for more visible support and recognition of the previous efforts already made by the country. In this regard, concerted efforts would be required in 2021 and beyond, towards advocacy for additional international and development support in areas that have hosted refugees, to ensure the integration of naturalized refugees while mitigating the negative impacts of hosting large refugee populations in the country. Increased visibility and support to the Government in this regard might rebuild Government confidence, trust and willingness to engage in productive discussions on appropriate durable solutions to the remaining 1972 Burundian refugee population.