Natural gas is an excellent alternative source of energy compared to wood, as it has multiple advantages in comparison. The use of natural gas as an energy source has multiple benefits, including a significant positive impact on the environment (preservation of wood resources) in the target localities, on women’s empowerment and on food and nutritional security.

In 2016, UNHCR supported 600 refugee households out of 1,401 households planned (43 per cent) in Abala camp, and 317 households out of 400 planned (79.25 per cent) in Abala host populations, with natural gas.
Various partners have accompanied UNHCR to assist the Malian refugees and the host population in Tabareybarey camp, and the ZAR of Intikane:

  • Plan Niger: 1,350 refugee households from the Tabareybarey camp and 1,000 households of the host population in Ayorou;
  • ASB: 2,526 refugee households in the ZAR of Intikane and 798 host population households in Tillia and Télemcès received gas kits. A Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) station has been installed in Telemces.
  • BPRM: started a gas project in Mangaizé camp in the region of Tillabéry