East :A total of 14 new water distribution points were constructed and commissioned across all camps including drilling of two boreholes, equipping of one borehole in Abuda camp and two wells were fixed with hand pumps in Wad Sharifey camp by Charity organizations, this has reduced water access gap and enhanced water availability to the persons of concern and neighbouring host communities for improved health and reduced incidence of access to unprotected water sources.

Additional 15 existing water distribution points were upgraded improving their drainages as well reducing of water wastage through fixing of new water taps and conducting community awareness sessions on water rationing and impact of water supply system vandalism which together improved sanitary condition at water distribution points hence reduced insect breeding sites, increased water access and enhanced reduced incidences of water related diseases in the camp. Construction of gravel filters in Kilo 26 and sedimentation tank in Shagarab as well as routine maintenance and repair of existing water treatment (slow sand filtration) systems were done in Fau V, Kilo 26, Shagarab and Girba enhancing availability of good quality surface water to the PoC in the camps and the host communities. Period preventive repairs and maintenance of all the 18 no. pumps and generators and the solar system including the cleaning and painting of at least seven elevated steel tanks in the 9 camps were accomplished ensuring reliable and uninterrupted water supply to 110,186 persons of concern in the East Sudan camps and the host communities. Replacement of rusty boreholes rising mains in Wad Sharifey, Abuda and Um Gargour was done, water chlorination and new pipeline extensions of about 1.8 km across all the camps was achieved further increasing good quality water access of averagely 36 litres per person per day for improved health.

Darfur: Over 8,000 refugees in Um Shalaya, Central Darfur, had access to 20L/person/day of clean water in the refugee camp; 7 hand pumps, 1 borehole and a water yard were maintained/rehabilitated. Support was also provided to the community water management committee to maintain the facilities.