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Making a difference, together.

Kuwait is an important donor and a generous partner to UNHCR, providing long-standing support to operations in the Middle East.

Through its contributions, Kuwait provides vital assistance for emergency programming permitting UNHCR to deliver essential services and meet the needs of refugees and internally displaced people.

Kuwait’s contributions have enabled a sustained humanitarian response throughout the years, particularly for the Syria and Yemen situations. Notably, a high proportion of Kuwait’s support has been softly earmarked, giving UNHCR vital flexibility to allocate funds where they are needed the most, and respond to emergencies within the region. Softly earmarked funding also ensures that vital resources are available to UNHCR, especially in underfunded operations like Yemen and Syria, allowing UNHCR to continue delivering lifesaving assistance.

Children make handicrafts and learn new skills in Sana’a, Yemen.

The Family Center in Sana’a offer day care and a safe space for refugee and internally displaced children, where they can learn new skills and take part in different sporting and cultural activities. In 2019, Kuwait was one of the top donors to the Yemen operation, providing vital funds to the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

©UNHCR/Shadi Abusneida

Caseworkers in Lebanon have become a lifeline for refugees.

Every day, UNHCR caseworkers like Shireen Assi (pictured), help thousands of refugees across Lebanon with counselling, legal advice, and referrals to health, education and other services. Flexible funds from donors like Kuwait mean UNHCR can continue to support Syrian refugees, as the Syrian crisis enters in its ninth year.

©UNHCR/Felix Eldridge

Young refugees in Jordan study for their beauty diploma.

Jordan has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. UNHCR supports young refugees with vocational training, enabling them to learn new skills and gain confidence at an uncertain point in their lives. UNHCR’s operation in Jordan is generously supported by Kuwait.

©UNHCR/Lilly Carlisle