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Key Figures

2017 year-end results
40% of Nigerian refugees, IDPs and returnees were registered through biometric exercise
100 livelihood projects were supported with cash grants in Niamey
49 referrals recorded in the first six months, compared to the previous 1-2 referrals per year
5 trainings on capacity-building for 131 people (judges, journalists, members of the civil society) and on the job-training for the DRECM-Rs staff in Agadez were carried out
2018 planning figures
100% of Nigerian refugees and IDPs will be registered on an individual basis
100% of Malian refugees will be socially and economically integrated
100% of refugees and asylum-seekers identified in need of resettlement will be submitted for resettlement
80% of Nigerian households will live in adequate housing

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2017 315,723
2016 302,227
2015 332,164


[["Refugees",165732],["Asylum-seekers",289],["IDPs",129015],["Returned IDPs",5867],["Others of concern",14820]]
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