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Latest update of camps and office locations 21  Nov  2016. By clicking on the icons on the map, additional information is displayed.

Key Figures

2015 end-year results
58,000 refugee returnees were supported with cash grants to help them settle back in Afghanistan
56,000 returnee, IDP and refugee families were supported with winterization assistance
30,000 newly displaced IDP families were provided with emergency assistance
15,000 returnee, IDP and refugee families received shelter support
2016 planning figures
172,000 people of concern receiving cash grants (returnees)
100% of refugees registered on an individual basis
146,500 households receiving core relief items (IDPs)

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2015 1,767,291
2014 1,324,996
2013 985,197


[["Refugees",237069],["Refugee-like situation",20485],["Asylum-seekers",82],["IDPs",1174306],["Returned IDPs",123653],["Returned refugees",61379],["Others of concern",150317]]
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Year-end Overview


The Afghan National Unity Government has made a strong commitment to supporting returns and reintegration of refugees in the context of the “transformation decade”. In 2016, the Office will continue to support the Government to implement the comprehensive plan to facilitate the return of Afghan refugees in safety and dignity and their sustainable reintegration, within the framework of the national development strategy and priority programmes. Representing 20 per cent of Afghanistan’s population, returnees remain a key population of concern to UNHCR.    
In cooperation with the authorities, UNHCR will also pursue community-based, solutions-oriented interventions for the most vulnerable displaced families from Pakistan’s North Waziristan Agency. Their gradual voluntary repatriation is anticipated to start in 2016, in alignment with the Government of Pakistan’s programme for the return of internally displaced people (IDPs) to North Waziristan.
Internal displacement in Afghanistan is expected to continue, reflecting the overall security situation in the country. UNHCR will continue to work with the authorities to implement the national IDP policy, although operational challenges remain, and to lead the inter-agency protection and shelter clusters for this response.  
Insecurity is expected to continue to hamper humanitarian access. Critical funding gaps in the areas of shelter, core relief items, livelihoods, and response to sexual and gender-based violence are likely to remain a challenge, jeopardizing the sustainability of reintegration of returnees, as well as the protection of refugees and IDPs, thus impacting the stabilization of the population in Afghanistan.