East and Horn of Africa

Operational information on the East and Horn of Africa subregion is presented below. A summary of this can also be downloaded in PDF format. This subregion covers the following countries:

Subregion: East and Horn of Africa


Latest update of camps and office locations: October 2017. By clicking on the icons on the map, additional information is displayed.

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Budgets and Expenditure in Subregion East and Horn of Africa

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2016 {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"budget":[1202.02253764,1734.609283047,1708.406562848,1679.992100185,1817.14041918,1690.394850692],"expenditure":[589.89483416,710.78058807,660.50961482,729.94847813,null,null]} {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"p1":[1033.38064529,1407.771179317,1385.750670941,1464.041378785,1673.55710452,1497.154032361],"p2":[14.41734205,12.5678804,11.59981011,7.86352259,6.08135049,7.223170404],"p3":[22.00934282,15.0069559,17.03133044,34.86243341,29.80667717,71.54186246],"p4":[132.21520748,299.26326743,294.024751357,173.2247654,107.695287,114.475785467]} {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"p1":[530.11995501,613.32661372,583.76008895,657.79668174,null,null],"p2":[5.8588838,5.74570988,3.48248591,4.2784707,null,null],"p3":[4.86436034,3.1304473,7.72906631,8.31500207,null,null],"p4":[49.05163501,88.57781717,65.53797365,59.55832362,null,null]}
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People of Concern - 2018 [projected]

[["Refugees",4969592],["Asylum-seekers",166231],["IDPs",6256483],["Returned IDPs",255342],["Returned refugees",143230],["Stateless",129146],["Others of concern",182067]]
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Operational environment

East and Horn of Africa continues to be characterised by displacement driven by the recent and protracted conflicts, and drought, which has led to increasing food insecurity and the threat of famine in Somalia and South Sudan. In 2017, the subregion hosts some 3.2 million refugees, mainly from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and South Sudan, and nearly 5.76 million internally displaced people (IDPs) in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan at the end of October 2017 according to OCHA. The war in Yemen continues to affect the subregion, with more than 95,000 refugees, third-country nationals and others fleeing to Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia and the Sudan since the war began in 2015.
Somalia remains one of the most protracted displacement situations globally, with nearly 850,000 refugees in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Yemen, in addition to some 1.56 million IDPs. Political instability and insecurity, particularly in southern and central Somalia, as well as an unstable economy, limited livelihood opportunities, environmental degradation and severe droughts, contribute to this protracted crisis.
The South Sudan situation continues to be the largest and most complex emergency in Africa, with 2 million refugees in the sub-region, in addition to the 2 million South Sudanese who are internally displaced. The political and security situation inside the country remains volatile, with armed conflict persisting, killings, abductions, rape, and a general state of lawlessness. Severe food insecurity further exacerbates the situation, leading to massive internal displacement as well as movements across borders, with many refugee children facing alarming levels of malnutrition. The toll on neighbouring countries is high. Uganda hosts the largest number of South Sudanese refugees, with more slightly than 1 million, followed by Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic. In 2018, UNHCR will continue to focus on life-saving and life-sustaining assistance for South Sudanese refugees, including the provision of basic services and meeting the immediate needs of new arrivals from South Sudan in neighbouring countries.
The number of refugees from Sudan currently stands at 650,000, hosted mainly by Chad and South Sudan, and there are some 2.3 million IDPs in need of humanitarian assistance. Similarly, close to 300,000 refugees from Eritrea are hosted by Ethiopia and Sudan as of 31st October 2017. 
In 2018, UNHCR will continue to focus on life-saving, protection and assistance activities, as well as durable solutions initiatives for people of concern. It will do this by strengthening administrative institutions, regional, legal and policy frameworks (where applicable), and practices relevant to refugee protection. Furthermore, UNHCR will promote the self-reliance and economic inclusion of refugees and asylum-seekers by focusing on livelihood opportunities and education initiatives, while targeting new arrivals and the most vulnerable with financial assistance programmes, including through cash based interventions. Additional priorities for 2018 include addressing the reintegration needs of Somalis returning from Kenya and Yemen, by enhancing reintegration projects that benefit both people of concern and host communities, as well as the emergency pre-famine response in Somalia.
The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) will have considerable bearing in the subregion in 2018. As of November 2017, five of 12 countries rolling-out this framework are in this subregion, including the regional approach to the Somali Refugee Situation driven by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD). The Governments of CRRF roll-out countries, namely, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda, will be key partners in 2018, putting the CRRF into practice and leading global efforts to address refugee matters comprehensively. The commitment of host countries to uphold the highest standards of protection for refugees and IDPs—including by working closely with the UN and other partners on capacity-building initiatives, technical assistance, and national policies—reflects their willingness to address the ongoing challenges associated with refugee movements on the continent, while seeking approaches that benefit refugees, host communities and local economies alike.

2018 Budget for East and Horn of Africa | USD

Operation Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 2
Stateless programme
Pillar 3
Reintegration projects
Pillar 4
IDP projects
Chad 140,346,3873,003,69905,634,658148,984,744
Djibouti 26,730,93100026,730,931
Eritrea 3,943,1970003,943,197
Ethiopia 318,542,363001,969,862320,512,225
Ethiopia UNHCR Representation to the AU and ECA 2,205,4530002,205,453
Kenya 184,907,177481,49600185,388,673
Kenya Regional Support Hub 5,116,1010005,116,101
Somalia 76,790,400059,707,51449,886,360186,384,275
South Sudan 120,472,4381,492,482033,322,403155,287,323
Sudan 194,374,9722,045,49311,834,34923,662,502231,917,316
Uganda 416,332,152200,00000416,532,152
Regional activities 7,392,4620007,392,462
Total 1,497,154,0327,223,17071,541,862114,475,7851,690,394,851

2018 Voluntary Contributions to East and Horn of Africa | USD

Earmarking / Donor Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 3
Reintegration projects
Pillar 4
IDP projects
East and Horn of Africa overall
Germany 00010,531,851 10,531,851
Malta 29,621000 29,621
East and Horn of Africa overall subtotal 29,6210010,531,851 10,561,472
Germany 1,119,821000 1,119,821
Private donors in Qatar 1,322,694000 1,322,694
Switzerland 136,044000 136,044
Chad subtotal 2,578,559000 2,578,559
Intergovernmental Authority on Development 88,111000 88,111
Djibouti subtotal 88,111000 88,111
Germany 1,788,116000 1,788,116
Netherlands 7,278,736000 7,278,736
Private donors in Qatar 1,322,694000 1,322,694
Private donors in the Netherlands 4,625,424000 4,625,424
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 6,902,966000 6,902,966
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 123,131000 123,131
Ethiopia subtotal 22,041,066000 22,041,066
Denmark 0001,592,357 1,592,357
European Union 6,532,546000 6,532,546
Netherlands 226,750000 226,750
Private donors in Canada 198,556000 198,556
Private donors in Qatar 1,676,303000 1,676,303
Private donors in the Netherlands 1,057,344000 1,057,344
Sweden 133,865000 133,865
UN Peacebuilding Fund 166,667000 166,667
Kenya subtotal 9,992,030001,592,357 11,584,387
European Union 02,900,65400 2,900,654
UN Peacebuilding Fund 0250,00000 250,000
Somalia subtotal 03,150,65400 3,150,654
South Sudan
European Union 637,4400836,1480 1,473,588
Intergovernmental Authority on Development 629,116000 629,116
Luxembourg 000366,109 366,109
Private donors in Qatar 1,322,694000 1,322,694
South Sudan subtotal 2,589,2510836,148366,109 3,791,507
European Union 1,086,492000 1,086,492
Germany 3,741,495000 3,741,495
Intergovernmental Authority on Development 512,266000 512,266
Luxembourg 000156,904 156,904
Netherlands 285,472000 285,472
Private donors in Qatar 862,423000 862,423
Private donors in the Netherlands 480,027000 480,027
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2,638,522000 2,638,522
United Nations Darfur Fund 00337,0500 337,050
Sudan subtotal 9,606,6970337,050156,904 10,100,651
Denmark 4,777,070000 4,777,070
Germany 10,711,125000 10,711,125
Intergovernmental Authority on Development 728,073000 728,073
Private donors in Qatar 1,078,021000 1,078,021
Republic of Korea 1,166,667000 1,166,667
Sweden 132,112000 132,112
United Arab Emirates 2,575,643000 2,575,643
Uganda subtotal 21,168,711000 21,168,711
Total 68,094,0473,150,6541,173,19812,647,220 85,065,119