North Africa

Operational information on the North Africa subregion is presented below. A summary of this can also be downloaded in PDF format. This subregion covers the following countries:

| Algeria | Egypt | Libya | Mauritania | Morocco | Tunisia | Western Sahara

Subregion: North Africa


Latest update of camps and office locations: October 2017. By clicking on the icons on the map, additional information is displayed.

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Budgets and Expenditure in Subregion North Africa

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2016 {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"budget":[167.92820629,177.198864558,181.220773542,173.67452757,228.98067643,237.58252556],"expenditure":[96.75212898,99.32585745,92.25388047,97.53519033,null,null]} {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"p1":[162.87279954,174.738902408,178.952727542,168.62986455,214.83540843,234.51479056],"p2":[2.26498858,0.40996215,0.05,null,null,null],"p3":[null,null,null,null,null,null],"p4":[2.79041817,2.05,2.218046,5.04466302,14.145268,3.067735]} {"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018],"p1":[96.03934219,98.85414181,90.38762086,95.21022718,null,null],"p2":[0.39925112,0.08869164,0.03162106,null,null,null],"p3":[null,null,null,null,null,null],"p4":[0.31353567,0.383024,1.83463855,2.32496315,null,null]}
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People of Concern - 2018 [projected]

[["Refugees",212277],["Refugee-like situation",29000],["Asylum-seekers",232972],["IDPs",210000],["Returned IDPs",200000],["Returned refugees",200],["Stateless",20],["Others of concern",70005]]
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Operational Environment

 North Africa has been a hotspot when it comes to mixed flows with the increasing trend where traditional transit countries in the subregion are now becoming destination countries. While most North African countries are signatories to the 1951 Geneva Convention, the subregion has complex and often restricted asylum systems.
The lack of funding has a direct impact on protracted refugee situations, in particular for the 50,000 Malian refugees in Mbera camp, Mauritania, and 90,000 vulnerable Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf camps, Algeria. In both situations, resources and opportunities for durable solutions including self-reliance are extremely limited.
In addition, UNHCR continues to provide protection and assistance to an increasing number of urban refugees and asylum-seekers, most of whom are from Syria, within a complex mixed movement context, notably with regards to protection at sea. Refugees and asylum-seekers in urban areas are affected by the difficult economic situation and lack of access to employment opportunities, leaving the most vulnerable almost fully dependent on assistance.
The ongoing conflict in Libya is expected to continue generating internal displacement and fertile ground for transnational smuggling and trafficking networks. UNHCR will continue to scale up its engagement in Libya, to provide life-saving protection and assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers and to support Libyan civilians affected by the conflict. 
In line with UNHCR’s comprehensive strategy along the Central Mediterranean route, the strategy in North Africa focuses on expanding protection space throughout the subregion by advancing national asylum systems and protection safeguards and providing protection and assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers. UNHCR’s main objectives in North Africa include: preventing refoulement and improving access to territory and asylum; working towards solutions where possible including empowering refugees; advocating for development assistance for refugees and hosting communities; and ensuring that refugees and asylum-seekers are informed and have access to their rights and access to basic life sustaining assistance.

Response and Implementation

The main objective of UNHCR’s confidence building measures programme is to link the population of the Tindouf camps and the Western Sahara territory. Over 12,000 were still to benefit from the programme when activities were suspended in 2014. UNHCR will continue maintaining minimum operational capacities in Western Sahara and in Tindouf, Algeria to restart activities as soon as parties agree on resumption. 

2018 Budget for North Africa | USD

Operation Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 2
Stateless programme
Pillar 3
Reintegration projects
Pillar 4
IDP projects
Algeria 36,256,05300036,256,053
Egypt Regional Office 74,468,65300074,468,653
Libya 81,932,263003,067,73584,999,998
Mauritania 20,094,19400020,094,194
Morocco 7,749,5460007,749,546
Tunisia 5,535,8430005,535,843
Western Sahara (Confidence Building Measures) 8,478,2370008,478,237
Total 234,514,791003,067,735237,582,526

2018 Voluntary Contributions to North Africa | USD

Earmarking / Donor Pillar 1
Refugee programme
Pillar 4
IDP projects
North Africa overall
United States of America 001,800,000 1,800,000
North Africa overall subtotal 001,800,000 1,800,000
Canada 00314,218 314,218
European Union 186,75700 186,757
Italy 320,79200 320,792
Sweden 634,51800 634,518
United States of America 002,500,000 2,500,000
Algeria subtotal 1,142,06702,814,218 3,956,285
Egypt Regional Office
Canada 754,71700 754,717
European Union 856,90900 856,909
Italy 2,570,11800 2,570,118
Japan 400,00000 400,000
Netherlands 1,324,73000 1,324,730
Egypt Regional Office subtotal 5,906,47400 5,906,474
Canada 00589,159 589,159
European Union 005,293,717 5,293,717
Germany 005,859,157 5,859,157
Italy 1,424,70100 1,424,701
Japan 100,637199,3630 300,000
Netherlands 02,000,0000 2,000,000
Sweden 00634,518 634,518
United States of America 002,200,000 2,200,000
Libya subtotal 1,525,3382,199,36314,576,551 18,301,252
Canada 00392,773 392,773
European Union 874,72700 874,727
Mauritania subtotal 874,7270392,773 1,267,500
European Union 409,12700 409,127
Italy 446,87500 446,875
Japan 220,00000 220,000
Monaco 160,08500 160,085
Switzerland 508,13000 508,130
Morocco subtotal 1,744,21800 1,744,218
European Union 301,86200 301,862
Italy 591,82500 591,825
Monaco 85,37900 85,379
Tunisia subtotal 979,06600 979,066
Total 12,171,8892,199,36319,583,543 33,954,794