Operation: Opération: Colombia



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Key Figures

2019 planning figures
8,000 IDPs and 10,000 refugees will be provided with information on government status determination procedures
2,000 Venezuelans will be assisted with civil status registration and documentation
1,000 Venezuelans will receive emergency shelter
800 IDPs and 5,000 refugees will receive legal assistance
400 vulnerable Venezuelan households of receive multi-purpose cash grants to help meet their basic needs
14 community-based committees and groups working on SGBV prevention and response will be supported 
3 public awareness campaigns against xenophobia will be conducted
2017 year-end results
126,080 vulnerable people received civil registration or identity documents 
19,860 people of concern received legal assistance
220 households received multipurpose or sectoral cash assistance 
160  local and national level State institutions were provided with capacity-building to protect and facilitate durable solutions for IDPs

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2017 7,747,365
2016 7,411,675
2015 6,941,212


[["Refugees",277],["Asylum-seekers",540],["IDPs",7677609],["Returned refugees",194],["Stateless",11],["Others of concern",68734]]
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Working environment

The arrival of increasingly vulnerable people of concern from Venezuela to Colombia and other countries in the region has placed considerable pressure on the infrastructure for basic services and on host communities. UNHCR and IOM co-lead the Inter-Agency Mixed Migration Group (GIFMM), which coordinates the interagency operational and protection response to support the Government’s efforts to address the needs of new arrivals and their host communities.
Meanwhile, Colombia’s historic Peace Accord continues to be implemented while facing many challenges, including the presence of other armed groups in several key regions. Protection and humanitarian challenges continue in border areas and along the Pacific Coast, including a continued high number of homicides targeting community leaders, peasants and youth; continued recruitment and use of children; stigmatization of communities and social organizations; sexual violence and use of personal mines and unexploded ordnance. The Office will continue to advocate for the maintenance of the strong legal framework for IDPs and provide support to the implementation of the Peace Accord as part of the international support group.
The 2018-2020 multi-year multi-partner (MYMP) strategy continues to be the overall framework for UNHCR’s engagement in Colombia and will continue to be adapted to reflect the mixed nature of UNHCR’s response in the country.

Key Priorities

In 2019, under the Venezuela situation response, UNHCR will continue to:
  • Lead – with IOM – the interagency coordination arrangements for analysis, response and coordination with the authorities.
  • Promote access to the territory, including through border and protection monitoring and an anti-xenophobia campaign.
  • Support registration and documentation of people of concern, ensure access to information and orientation as well as legal assistance.
  • Provide basic humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people of concern, including through cash based interventions, shelter, access to health care and other essential services, child protection and SGBV prevention.
  • Promote peaceful coexistence through projects benefiting Venezuelan refugees and migrants, returning Colombians and host communities alike.
  • Strengthen cross border and regional coordination and reinforce the capacity of local authorities, civil society and national NGOs in terms of international protection responses.
Under the IDP programme, UNHCR will continue to:
  • Advocate for the protection of IDPs and prevention of new displacement, focusing on ethnic communities, SGBV prevention and response as well as child protection.
  • Work on durable solutions for IDPs through support to the legalization of prioritized informal peri-urban settlements.
  • Support the implementation of the peace agreement through advocacy for the respect of the rights of victims (including IDPs) as well as support to the Special Peace Jurisdiction and the Truth Commission.