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Latest update of camps and office locations 21  Nov  2016. By clicking on the icons on the map, additional information is displayed.

Key Figures

2017 planning figures
183,500 registered refugee children will be enrolled in primary education
75,100 individuals will receive return packages on departure
6,520 individuals will be supported through entrepreneurship / business skills training
2015 end-year results
129,851 refugee children were enrolled in primary school in 2015 - up from 121,620 in 2014 
0.49 /1,000/month: the under-5 mortality rate
5,600 Somali refugees were assisted to return to Somalia - up from 485 in 2014
4,990 refugees were assisted to resettle in third country - up from 4,616 in 2014

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2015 615,112
2014 605,364
2013 607,223


[["Refugees",553912],["Asylum-seekers",39969],["Returned refugees",1231],["Stateless",20000]]
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Year-end Overview

Working environment

Kenya is generously hosting over 500,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, the majority from Somalia and South Sudan. 
In cooperation with the Government of Kenya, and supported by humanitarian and development partners, UNHCR will work to ensure access to asylum as well as a conducive protection and solutions environment; including maintenance of the civilian and humanitarian character of refugee-hosting areas. In addition, UNHCR will promote long-term development opportunities by supporting initiatives for peaceful coexistence and socio-economic integration among refugee and host communities. To this end, UNHCR will partner with the Government, development actors and private sector to support implementation of area-based development programmes, notably, the 2013-2017 Turkana County Integrated Development Plan, which includes the new Kalobeyei settlement.

Key priorities

In 2017, UNHCR’s operation will focus on:
•    Enabling area-based, socio-economic integration solutions in Kalobeyei’s refugee and host communities.
•    Supporting voluntary repatriation to Somalia through tripartite mechanisms in partnership with the Governments of Kenya and Somalia and the support of the international community.
•    Advocating for more resettlement opportunities in third countries, in a spirit of responsibility-sharing.