Operation: Opération: Mexico



Latest update of camps and office locations 21  Nov  2016. By clicking on the icons on the map, additional information is displayed.

Key Figures

2016 end-year results
4,840 PoC were accommodated in shelters
4,550 PoC received cash assistance
17 shelters were built, expanded or rehabilitated
2017 planning figures
12,500 people of concern will be provided with information on asylum procedures
7,200 individuals will be accommodated in reception/transit centres and the infrastructure of 25 reception centres will be improved
7,000 individuals will be supported with material assistance, including those released from detention
2,000 detainees will be monitored and individually recorded by age and sex
35 advocacy interventions to promote alternatives to detention will be undertaken
15% of unaccompanied or separated minors for whom a best interests process has been initiated or completed

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2016 8,862
2015 4,286
2014 4,722


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Working environment

In 2016 an estimated 500,000 people entered Mexico irregularly, mainly originating from Central America but also including some 27,000 people from Haiti. While many sought to reach the United States of America, a growing number of people from the Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) sought asylum in Mexico. This has put additional pressure on Mexico’s already-strained asylum system and limited shelter infrastructure, in particular along its southern border.

Population trends

In 2016, Mexico received 8,781 asylum applications, of which almost 92 per cent were from the Northern Triangle of Central America countries. This was the highest number of asylum applications recorded since the 1980s.
A total of 3,282 people were recognized as refugees or received complementary protection.

Achievements and impact

  • 345 monitoring visits to 35 detention centres were carried out across Mexico. More than 28,000 potential asylum-seekers in detention were informed of their right to claim asylum and on the asylum procedure in Mexico. An additional 5,000 potential asylum-seekers also received legal assistance.
  • Infrastructure improvements were made to 17 shelters. By the end of 2016, shelters had the capacity to assist some 2,000 people of concern at a time.
  • UNHCR provided support for housing, schooling, health and employment to 38 refugees who relocated to the northern city of Saltillo.

Unmet needs

  • Local integration prospects were limited due to constrained capacity to coordinate and build networks in different areas that could facilitate the integration of refugees.