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Key Figures

2017 year-end results
74,000 new UNHCR identity cards were issued
22,600 people were registered
5,470 merged registration and RSD decisions were taken 
3,290 refugees benefited from resettlement
3,000 people of concern were released from immigration detention
133 community learning centres were supported, enabling more boys and girls to access education at different levels, particularly primary education
2018 planning figures
100% of targeted households’ basic needs will be met through multi-purpose cash grants
98% of people of concern will be registered on individual basis
75% of school-aged children will be enrolled in primary education
15,500 status determination decisions will be issued
8,500 people of concern will be released from immigration detention

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2017 241,438
2016 239,505
2015 246,270


[["Refugees",102849],["Refugee-like situation",990],["Asylum-seekers",47531],["Stateless",10068],["Others of concern",80000]]
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UNHCR sought to maintain protection space for people of concern in Malaysia by providing access to registration, documentation and basic services including education, health and livelihoods. UNHCR registered more than 25,000 people and resettled almost 11,000 refugees from Malaysia in 2014.

UNHCR Malaysia made significant progress in formulating a detailed strategic and operational plan to align its interventions with the acute protection needs of people of concern through initiating simplified verification procedures and restructuring the assistance programmes.

UNHCR focused on building the human, financial and social capital of people of concern in Malaysia in 2014, including by supporting over 42,700 medical consultations and introducing a private health insurance scheme. UNHCR also continued to support 123 community learning centres which provide access to primary education for 47 per cent of refugee boys and girls in Malaysia. UNHCR concluded agreements with two universities, facilitating access by refugees to tertiary education. Over 3,000 people participated in community development and peaceful co-existence projects. Good progress was made on policy dialogue between UNHCR and the Government of Malaysia regarding refugees’ access to work, which represents a significant solution for some people of concern to UNHCR.

In 2014, a mapping and registration project was launched to identify stateless people who are habitual residents in Malaysia or otherwise considered to have strong links to Malaysia.

Challenges in Malaysia in 2014 included increased numbers of asylum-seekers, the lack of a national legal framework for refugees, and issues of fraud among refugee communities around UNHCR processes. UNHCR continued to carry out registration and refugee status determination, and to advocate for the rights of refugees. UNHCR also sought to establish stronger mechanisms to address fraud. Lack of funding meant that not all people of concern received timely documentation and access to quality and sustainable basic services. 

Plan Overview