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Key Figures

2019 planning figures
250,000 IDP households will receive core relief items 
250,000 IPD households receive seasonal items for winter
250,000 IDP persons will receive legal assistance
40,500 IDP households will receive shelter assistance
7,000 most vulnerable refugee/asylum-seeker households will receive multi-purpose cash assistance
140 community/ satellite centres will be “one-stop” facilities providing a basket of integrated protection services to IDPs and returnees 
2017 year-end results
3,000,000 people were provided with core relief items
2,600,000 people were reached with protection activities
480,000 people were supported with health services, including access to primary health care and psychosocial services
36,100 refugees were assisted with cash assistance

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Decrease in
2017 7,033,119
2016 7,131,910
2015 6,753,569


[["Refugees",19429],["Asylum-seekers",18108],["IDPs",6150005],["Returned IDPs",597152],["Returned refugees",77212],["Stateless",160000],["Others of concern",11213]]
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Syrian Arab Republic

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Year-end Overview

Working environment

The humanitarian needs in the Arab Republic of Syria (Syria) remain of a staggering scale, severity and complexity, with significant protection risks persisting in a number of areas. According to the 2018 HRP, a total of 12.8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 6.2 million people who are internally displaced.
Large number of IDPs are starting to return as the Government of Syria continues to gain control of large parts of the country. In parallel, a new trend of self-organized returns of refugees from neighboring countries is emerging. From January to August 2018, UNHCR had confirmed 23,000 self-organized returns, bringing the number of self-organized refugee returns to Syria since 2015 to 100,000. UNHCR is not able to monitor and confirm every spontaneous return to Syria as it is not facilitating these moves; thus the actual figure of returns is likely much higher. In addition, an estimated 750,000 IDPs have returned home to areas of relative stability in Syria. UNHCR’s position recognizes that refugees have the fundamental human right to return in safety and dignity to their country of origin at a time of their own choosing. UNHCR is engaging with the Government of Syria and providing legal support with civil documentation, as part of humanitarian assistance given to returnees.  
UNHCR’s planning for 2019 is based on the assumption that localized hostilities will continue resulting in new displacement, while spontaneous returns of IDPs and refugees are anticipated to increase to areas that have become accessible and relatively stable.
In the context of the Whole of Syria approach, UNHCR continues to play a key coordination role as a lead Agency for the Protection/Community Services, Shelter and Non-Food items sectors. 

Key Priorities

In 2019, UNHCR will focus on:
  • Responding to the immediate and urgent humanitarian needs of IDP, refugee returnees and host communities; reinforcing returnee tracking and monitoring; and facilitating the repair of critical social and basic services in return areas.
  • Reinforcing operational capacity and responding to the protection and assistance needs of IDPs and host communities under the regular programme.
  • Engaging in provision of emergency and humanitarian assistance to persons of concern in its capacity as the lead in responding to internal displacement in the life-saving sectors of Protection/Community Services, Shelter, and Non-Food Items.
  • Providing protection and assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers in Syria.