Islamic Republic of Iran


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Key Figures

2018 planning figures
89% of primary school aged refugee children will be enrolled in primary education 
80% of Afghan and Iraqi refugee households will have their basic and domestic items needs met
300 Afghan refugees will be provided with entrepreneurship/business training
15 projects benefiting local and displaced communities will be implemented and 1,660 households will be reached with cash support
39 schools will be built to ensure that 15,600 refugee and host-community children benefit from additional schooling space
2016 end-year results
145,200 refugees were enrolled in the national health insurance scheme, out of whom over 117,000 were vulnerable refugees 
412 students were supported with DAFI scholarships
16 schools were constructed

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Decrease in
2017 979,525
2016 979,537
2015 979,491


[["Refugees",979435],["Asylum-seekers",84],["Returned refugees",6]]
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Islamic Republic of Iran

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The 2017 Year-End Report will be available shortly. 
The 2017 overview for this operation will be uploaded and available shortly.