South Sudan 2019-2020 Regional Refugee Response Plan

A total of USD 738 million is requested for the period January 2019 - December 2020, including:

          - USD 105.6 million for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
          - USD 692 million for Ethiopia
          - USD 211.4 million for Kenya
          - USD 1,038.8 million for Uganda
          - USD 661 million for the Sudan
          - USD 4.29 million for regional

Read the entire Regional Refugee Response Plan for South Sudan  and access the Latest Updates on South Sudan Situation.

The 2019-2020 South Sudan Regional RRP articulates the protection and humanitarian needs of an anticipated 2,802,289 South Sudanese refugees by the end of 2019 and 2,729,468 by the end of 2020. The RRP outlines the inter-agency response strategy and financial requirements of 92 partners responding across five countries of asylum. As the protracted emergency enters its sixth year, it remains the largest refugee situation on the African continent. It continues to be characterised as a children’s crisis with children constituting over 60 percent of the refugee population. The sheer scale of displacement is putting immense pressure on hosting countries and greater international solidarity and responsibility sharing is needed. In line with the Global Compact on Refugees, the response will aim to provide protection and life-saving assistance in such way as to allow for greater integration of refugees into national systems and development plans. Renewed and increased focus will also be given to strengthening the resilience of South Sudanese refugees and host communities.