The Democratic Republic of the Congo 2019-2020 Regional Refugee Response Plan

A total of USD 743.3 million is requested for the period January - December 2019, including:

          - USD 60.2 million for Angola
          - USD 42.9 million for Burundi
          - USD 22 million for the Republic of the Congo
          - USD 64.7 million for Rwanda
          - USD 389.6 million for Uganda
          - USD 85.3 million for United Republic of Tanzania
          - USD 76.8 million for Zambia
          - USD 1.9 million for regional

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The situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a protection crisis, fueled by ethnic and political conflicts. The situation has drastically worsened over the course of 2018, spreading to previously unaffected areas with a dramatic impact on the Great Lakes region. The on-going conflicts across much of eastern and central DRC have caused and continue to cause significant population displacement, human rights violations, including targeted attacks against civilians, a high prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence, and loss of human life and property. According to OCHA, the consequences have been devastating for 1.37 million internally displaced persons who are in need of humanitarian assistance. At the same time the DRC hosts over 533,000 refugees from Rwanda, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Burundi who fled their countries seeking international protection.