UNHCR Investing in Integrity

All UNHCR stakeholders – including the people we serve, partner agencies, UNHCR personnel, and host and donor governments - rightly have high expectations for strong systems to prevent, mitigate, respond and learn lessons on all forms of misconduct, fraud, corruption, sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), and sexual harassment (SH). UNHCR acknowledges that many of our operations are in high-risk environments, physically and due to the nature of our work, and we remain deeply committed to ensuring the integrity of all our activities. The High Commissioner has repeatedly stressed that there is no place for fraud, corruption, SEA or SH at UNHCR, an organization that is dedicated to serving and protecting others. Following a review of oversight functions in 2016, UNHCR has taken steps to ensure a greater degree of coherence and complementarity across the Agency, facilitated by the ongoing Change Management process.

UNHCR has made investing integrity an institutional priority, progressively adopting more measures with regards to prevention, training, awareness-raising, effective investigation, survivor and whistle-blower protection, and robust action against perpetrators. These mitigation and response measures broadly relate to several key areas which include: risk management, investigation and enforcement; systems and tools; cultural change and capacity building; support to staff, and coordination and frameworks.

This document outlines these, and the many other mutually-reinforcing activities being undertaken by UNHCR across our various divisions and services, contributing in a coordinated manner to the organization-wide objective of strengthened integrity, accountability and transparency in UNHCR’s field and HQ operations.

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