Nigeria 2018 Regional Refugee Response Plan

A total of USD 157 million requested for the period January ‐ December 2018, including :

          - USD 72.1 million for Cameroon
          - USD 14.5 million for Chad
          - USD 69.5 million for Niger

2018 will mark the fifth year of the Nigerian refugee crisis with 218,000 Nigerian refugees expected to be living in and outside of camps with host communities in Cameroon, Chad and Niger. The overall Nigerian refugee population size has fluctuated in 2017, with new arrivals, departures to Nigeria and pendular movements between countries of asylum and Nigeria, owing to the prevailing insecurity and sub-standard living conditions in the country of origin. 

In 2018, RRRP partners will focus on interventions aimed at implementing durable solutions, while continuing to support and ensure access to asylum and protection for persons fleeing the conflict. The Tripartite Agreement signed on 2 March 2017 between Nigeria, Cameroon and UNHCR on voluntary repatriation constitutes a key step in that direction, and provides the framework for the safe, dignified and voluntary return and sustainable reintegration of Nigerian refugees living in Cameroon once conditions are conducive in areas of origin. Given that the security situation remains precarious and that access to basic services is severely limited in many areas of Borno State, where most Nigerian refugees come from, these parts of Nigeria are not yet conducive to return. Therefore, RRRP partners will continue providing humanitarian assistance throughout 2018 and in parallel, will implement interventions that support the local integration of those refugees who want to stay.

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