Syria 3RP 2018-2019 Regional Strategic Overview

The conflict in Syria continues to drive the largest refugee crisis in the world. Over 5.3 million Syrians are registered as refugees in neighbouring countries as of 1 December 2017. Despite the exceptional generosity demonstrated by host countries, host communities, and donors, most Syrian refugee families across the region continue to lack the necessary resources to meet their basic needs.

For 2018, the United Nations and NGO Partners are appealing for USD 4.4 billion to support ongoing national efforts to respond to the Syrian refugee situation, including addressing immediate protection and basic needs as well as resilience activities for refugees and host communities. This Regional Strategic Overview outlines the strategic directions of the 3RP approach, summarizes the nationally-led plans and describes each sector response across the region.

The situation inside Syria has remained fluid during 2017. While ongoing violence in many parts of the country led to large-scale displacement, other areas witnessed a relative decrease in violence compared to previous years. Against this backdrop, there was no large-scale arrival of refugees into neighbouring countries over the past year. However, the number of registered refugees increased from 4.8 million this time last year to 5.3 million this year due to the registration of an additional 570,000 Syrian refugees across the region. This primarily reflects newly registered Syrians (including new arrivals) as well as newborns in the five 3RP countries. Across the region, borders and admission practices remained closely managed, affecting the ability of many individuals to seek the protection they need.

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