Developing the Common Refugee Response Framework - Special Appeal 2017

The Common Refugee Response Framewrok (CRRF) is in its early stages of development. As foreseen in the New York Declaration, the host country governments are taking the lead role in applying the CRRF at country-level, facilitated by UNHCR and with the support of a broad range of humanitarian and development actors. Strategies and implementation plans for the practical application of the CRRF are in place in all roll-out countries and are adapted to the local contexts.

This appeal is issued to cover UNHCR’s costs for supporting the work of the CRRF Task Team in 2017. It includes the CRRF Task Team in Geneva, UNHCR’s additional capacity to cover the development of the Global Compact for Refugees, as well as the most pressing staffing needs in the CRRF roll-out countries and regions. This appeal does not yet cover requirements for 2018. These are under consideration and as soon as they are approved the 2018 plans for the CRRF Task Team and the corresponding budget will be shared. The operational requirements of UNHCR and partners for the practical application of the CRRF at country and regional levels are also under consideration and will equally be shared once approved.

Costa Rica, Djibouti, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Somalia, the United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda are the 11 CRRF roll-out countries at this stage. The principal criteria for selecting these countries is the agreement of the host country government to initiate applying a comprehensive refugee response and developing new approaches in accordance with it. As foreseen in the NYD, these countries equally provide a range of diverse geographic and operational contexts from which to derive lessons for the development and application of a truly new and comprehensive approach to protecting and seeking durable solutions for refugees.

To address the additional costs associated with the roll out of the CRRF, UNHCR has approved a budget for these requirements. The staffing needs for 2017, as identified and internally endorsed in April 2017, amount to $8,062,682:

-       USD 755,000 for Djibouti
-       USD 657,000 for Ethiopia
-       USD 1,180,000 for United Republic of Tanzania
-       USD 926,000 for Uganda
-       USD 700,000 for Somali Regional Support
-       USD 250,000 for Central America and Mexico Regional Approach
-       USD 700,000 for New York
-       USD 2,400,473 for Regional and Global Activities

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