The Central Mediterranean Route 2017 Supplementary Appeal

With an estimated 461,434 people of concern by the end of 2017, UNHCR is appealing for $421.2 million* for January to December 2017.This Appeal complements activities in a range of related processes and other appeals, with all of the planned activities in accordance with the multi-stakeholder, ‘whole-of-society’ approach endorsed in the New York Declaration.

Between January and June 2017, 2,171 refugees and migrants died or went missing in the central Mediterranean, many of them trying to cross from Libya to Italy.
Movements of refugees and migrants from Libya to Europe are increasing. Instability in Libya is hindering protection and creating an environment plagued with human rights abuses.
The scale of movements at the cross‐regional level highlights the specific risks refugees and migrants encounter while en route to Libya, and then onto Europe.
Given the specificities of the migration flows, and the context in Libya, the humanitarian response must be both flexible and comprehensive.

The proposed strategy is three pronged, with broad objectives and selected activities in countries of origin and or transit in sub-Saharan Africa, in North Africa, and in destination countries in Europe. In sub-Saharan Africa, UNHCR will target countries of asylum, origin and transit to mitigate identified protection risks along routes. Interventions will include raising awareness of risks and improving communication with communities likely to travel towards Libya. In North Africa, UNHCR will work to prevent refoulement; improve access to territory and asylum; conduct awareness raising and advocacy on the dangers of irregular migration; and enhance the overall protection space. In Europe, UNHCR will continue supporting, complementing and building existing government capacities to ensure effective and safe access to asylum, protection services and solutions for people of concern, with particular attention to those with specific needs and vulnerabilities.

* All dollar signs denote US dollars. This total includes regional and global activities, and support costs (7 per cent).

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