Somalia Situation Supplementary Appeal

A total of USD 487.75 million* is needed in financial requirements for the Somalia situation for January to December 2017:

         - USD 20 million for Djibouti
         - USD 101 million for Ethiopia
         - USD 189 million for Kenya
         - USD 109 million for Somalia
         - USD 63 million for Yemen

* This total includes regional and global activities, and support costs (7 per cent).

Read the Supplementary Appeal here.

This appeal aims to address return and reintegration needs of 50,000 Somali refugees returning from Kenya and 10,000 returning from Yemen, as well as the emergency pre-famine response in Somalia for 250,000 most vulnerable newly displaced, including drought-related outflows of Somalis to neighbouring countries. It aims to reinforce asylum and protection in the region while also renewing efforts to find durable and sustainable solutions, including support infrastructure and stabilization in Somalia to ensure sustainable reintegration.